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Grand Prairie Texas Crime Rate Statistics, Arrest Records, and Related Information

The population of the relatively large city of Grand Prairie is at about 190,682 with 35 constituent neighborhoods. The mix of employment is not precipitated by the blue or white collared advantage. The 15th largest community in Texas has a mix of the two with the people being quite diverse in their ethnicities. The most prevalent in the group are of Hispanic or Latino origins and constitute 45.66% of the residents in the area. Many have their roots from the English community, French, Irish and African ancestors.

The general work culture constitutes a mixed bag of sales and administrative workers, service providers and professionals well versed in the domain that they have mastered their prowess. The ratio is at 15.80 in the administrative domain, management at 7.52%, sales at 9.96% with quite a lot better versed in technology and very adept in mathematics. This is quite a common stronghold with the people in the state of Texas.  Education levels are also above average as compared to other states in the US. Most people sport a bachelor’s degree, and the consensus stipulates the number to be about 24% of people who are 25 and above that are very well educated.

Grand Prairie Public Records
Grand Prairie Texas Minimum Wage and Earning

There is a mixed bag of people – the have’s and the have-nots the upper echelon and the poor. The average income of a four household family amounts to about $95,456, where owning a house or apartment is not as heavy as other parts of the country. The most common housing type amounts to single-family detached homes that are at 67.43%, high rise buildings, duplexes and service apartments are at 22.06% with row houses and other homes at 2.92% Renting a home is a great money earner - the stock value of homes has appreciated through the years. The buying rate is attractive, for a seller not so, based on the market census which can bring in the moolah or lose out considerably.

Grand Prairie Texas Crime and Arrest Rate

The crime rate in Grand Prairie is quite high, and the calculations are indicative at 75% and growing. The violent crime and property crime index are based on the details provided by the FBI crime data. The rate of violent crimes occurring in Grand Prairie is higher than other places. Anyone can become a victim of armed robbery, aggravated assault, murder, rape, burglary, the list goes on, and on.

Property crimes reported are arson, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and so on and one can become a victim in the ratio of one in 42 which is a scary figure. Given the fact that there are bound to be many unreported cases like home-related crimes, data theft, and other incidental crimes, this can become a problem. As we all know, the rate of crimes like internet related incidents, phishing scams, skimming, and other forms of backdoor entries has also made its way into the crime space in the area.

Grand Prairie Court Records
Grand Prairie Texas Population Index

The population index as detailed across websites lists the average age of the people in Grand Prairie to be at 28.7% between the age of 35-54, the age of 5-17 21.2%, 25 years – 34 years in the range of 14.7%, 18-24 10.3%, 55-64 9.7% and the list goes on. Regarding industries that are a part of the large drawer base, the one that stands high is the manufacturing sector. The close contenders are retail, healthcare, construction, education, transportation and so on and so forth. The people of the small town are a close-knit community. Christianity is the basic religious faith in this area along with other religious denominations the following suit. Grand Prairie has a lot to offer prospective citizens.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!