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Hartselle Alabama: Crimes Statistics, Arrest and Population Information

Hartselle city is the second largest city belonging to the Morgan County, Alabama in the United States. The city is roughly 16 km south of Decatur and therefore is included in the Decatur Metropolitan area and the Huntsville-Decatur Combined Statistical Area. The city was founded in 1870 when the new South and North Alabama Railroads were laid along the route.  The city was formally incorporated on March 1, 1875. The city gets its name from a railroad owner named George Hartsell. The old architecture was largely destroyed in a massive fire that struck the town in 1916.

July is the average warmest month in Hartselle and January is the coolest. In the city, the summers are long, hot and humid while the winters don’t last too long but are very cold, damp and wet. It is usually cloudy all year long, and temperature ranges from 34°F to 89°F. Best time of the year to visit this city is between May to mid-June and mid-August to mid-October.

Hartselle Public Records

Hartselle Alabama Crime Statistics

Hartselle's crime report shows an upward trend in crime data which implies that both violent crime and property crime has only increased over the years. Based on this statistic, the 2018s crime rate is expected to be much higher than the past years. In 2016, Hartselle's violent crime average was lower than the national violent crime average rate by about 69%, and the property crime rate was lower by about 7%. The city average was lower than the violent crime rate of Alabama by 77% and by about 23% lesser than Alabama for property crime. Reports have found that there were 38 registered sex offenders living in the city as of November 2018.

The chances of you finding a sex offender in Hartselle is 1 out of every 383 citizens. The sex offense average is comparable to the state average. The safest neighborhoods in Hartselle are Danville, Ausley Bend, Tanner Heights, Georgia, and City Center.

Hartselle Alabama Arrest Info

With crimes at a low so far there have not been many arrests made against robbery, murder, and attacks in general.

Hartselle Alabama Population Information

Hartselle has a population of 14475 and has been found to be the 2912th largest city in the USA. The population density is 882 per sq/mi, and this value is 858% higher than the Alabama average and 873% higher than the national average. The overall average age is 40 years with 36 being the average for males and 43 being the average for females. The sex ratio is equal, and for every 100 females, there are 99.9 males. The average income is $67,683 among homes in the city.

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About 88% of the population is White which constitutes about 12745 of the population. This number is followed by an 8% of African American population which roughly adds up to about 1177 people. Asians constitute about 2% of the overall population. About 97% of the residents speak in English, and only about 3.3% speak any other language. Asian languages are the second most spoken language in the city and are spoken by a meager 1.5% of the population only.

The race that has a higher population percentage under the poverty line are the Asians with nearly 84% of their population being below the poverty line. The race which has the lowest population percentage below the poverty line are the Whites with only 5% of their population being in that grid.

Close to 98% of the residents are native and were born in the USA itself of which close to 74% were born in Alabama itself. Only 0.39% of the overall population are non-US citizens, and the major chunk of this percentage was found to be born in parts of Asia.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 26, 2021
Sensitive Information!