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Judicial Records Hawaii: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Hawaii?

In an age of information overload, it has become difficult to get hold of authentic and precise data. So, can one procure full-proof judicial records or run a background check on an individual, a business, etc in the state of Hawaii for free? Read on, to get leads on the same.

It has been 30 years since the public records of Hawaii started becoming digitized as a standard procedure of the state. Over time, the records offered by both government & third-party websites have become increasingly reliable. A basic Hawaii background check, to discover information about an individual, can be performed by an online search engine provided by the state. If the basic information doesn’t suffice, you can opt for a more detailed nationwide search at FreePeopleScan.com to know whether the person has any judicial records outside Hawaii.

Do Keep in Mind that many jurisdictions and counties allow free online access to Hawaii judicial records, but not all.

Hawaii Judicial Records

Judicial records in Hawaii- Is there a free source?

A search fee of $5 and $10 is needed to conduct a statewide criminal background check and to get an official record, respectively. For free access to Hawaii criminal judiciary records, you need to perform a county-level search. Honolulu, for example, has provisions for the free online public record search. Moreover, while conducting your research, also remember that viewing these records can be free but a minimum cost may be levied if you require photocopies of files.

Following are the online sources for specific judicial records:

  • The Hawaii Administrative Director of Courts has two portals. Via Hoohiki database, you will have online access to information related to civil cases filed in Circuit Court which includes the division of Family Court. The information displayed here is sourced directly from official records, but it doesn’t show all information from the records available to the public. Case information is updated every evening by the judiciary and the available records are displayed “as is” with no warranties. Confidential cases & sealed documents are not available online. Like Hoohiki, eCourt Kokua is another search portal, available at the website of Hawaii Administrative Director of Courts, where judiciary records can be assessed. This portal covers public information in relation to the Supreme Court, Traffic division of District Courts and Intermediate Court of Appeals.
  • To view record files of an individual’s conviction (excluding sex offender & other covered offender registration information), log into Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center. Search criteria may include name, date of birth, gender, and social security number. Juvenile criminal records and non-conviction arrest records are not accessible to the public.

Judicial Records Hawaii

  • To be updated about or crosscheck a sex offender who is registered with the State of Hawaii, visit https://sexoffenders.ehawaii.gov/sexoffender/welcome.html. Here, you will find information about the offender like, name, pseudonyms, photograph, physical description, address, the crime for which the person is convicted, the judgment of conviction, etc.
  • Learn about a business in the State of Hawaii- whether the business entity is holding an active, merged or expired status. https://hbe.ehawaii.gov/documents/search.html. This information can come in as handy if you’re registering a business entity name but, wait till you receive a response from the Business Registration Division. Only then, consider the name to be available.

Given the fact that most jurisdictions are allowing online accessibility of their more recent public records (extensive information may not be available), a few counties still restrict their records from the web. In that case, you will need to personally visit a county office or a courthouse to procure public records. Make sure you call ahead to verify the walk-in hours and whether any form of identification is needed to get access to the Hawaii judicial records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 3, 2022
Sensitive Information!