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Hilliard Ohio Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

Home to the United States’ one and only Early Television Museum, Hilliard in Ohio, is a curious mix of the historic and the modern. A city in Franklin County and belonging to the Norwich Township, Hilliard has the second largest First Responders Park in America. It also boasts of the Heritage Rail Trail, which starts in  Old Hilliard and terminates at Plain City. Here’s another fun fact about Hilliard – it is the only city in America to own a World Trade Organization flag, outside of a museum.

Named after a farmer John Reed Hilliard, the city of Hilliard began as a 10-acre farm in 1852, slowly growing into a massive metropolis. With the highway I-270 having been constructed right in the middle of Hilliard in the 1970s, the city became part of important trade routes in the Midwest. Today, Hilliard acts as a pitstop for agro-product traders moving from or to the various Great Lake States.

The current Mayor of Hilliard is Republican Donald Schonhardt. 

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Hilliard Ohio Ethnic population

Hilliard has a population of 35,939 people. Over 30% of this population belongs to the 35-54 age group, followed by the under 18 age group at 22%. Over 96% of the population are high school graduates, and 52% of this holds a college degree. The biggest employer at Hilliard is the healthcare industry, followed by retail, finance, and education. The median household income in Hilliard is $92,727, which is well over the US average of $55,332. Only 4% of the population is below the poverty line.


About 88% of the population is white/Caucasian, 6% Asian, 3.8% African-American/black, 3.1% Hispanic, 1.7% mixed race and the rest are racial minorities. About 89% of the population speak English at home, followed by Spanish, Arabic and Indian languages. 28% of the population is of German ancestry, followed by Irish and English.

Unlike other cities and towns of Ohio, Hilliard doesn't have much of Native American history.

Hilliard Ohio Crime and safety

Hilliard has a crime index of 59 out of 100, making it a relatively safe city. Property crimes accounted for the highest number of crimes in Hilliard, at 404, followed by theft at 293. Over 75 burglaries, 36 vehicle thefts, 17 violent crimes, 9 assaults, 4 cases of arson and 2 burglaries were registered in 2018. There were 6 rape cases registered and 0 cases of murder/homicide.

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Compared to the rest of Ohio, where people have a 2.97% chance of getting attacked, in Hilliard, residents have only a 0.4% chance of becoming victims of crime. This translates to 1 in 336 chances of becoming a victim in Ohio and 1 in 2,114 in Hilliard. As of January 10, 2019, there are 26 registered sex offenders residing in Hilliard. The ratio of residents to sex offenders is 1,307 to 1.  

However, a point of interest is that Hilliard also has a very dedicated law enforcement system that comprises of its police unit, community watch groups, investigation bureau, K-9 officers and more. The city also receives fire safety support from Norwich Township These have made Hilliard a safe city to live in. The real estate aggregator website Area Vibes recently gave Hilliard a livability ranking of 91 out of 100, making it one of the 10 best places to live in the State of Ohio.

People considering setting up home in Hilliard can take a look at properties in and around the City Center, Brandamore Cantonment/Britton Farms, Frazell Road/Roberts Road and Cemetery Road/Leap Road. These neighborhoods are very safe and boast of an amazing school, healthcare, and transport system.

Real estate in this area costs north of $292,184. This makes Hilliard one of the most expensive cities to live in Hilliard. Over 73% of the homes are single family homes, built after the 1970s. Most come with 2 or more bedrooms.

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