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How to Download your Facebook Data

There is a lot of noise and talks about how Facebook sells your data. Lets clarify that Facebook does not sell your data. However, they do let advertisers target your information in order to provide them with better targeting and increase Facebook revenue. You can now view how much information Facebook has collected on you and request your account be deleted in an easy manner.

Here is an explanation on how to get the information, whether you are planning on leaving Facebook behind or just want to know how much data Facebook has on you.

facebook data

Step 1:

Log into your Facebook account using your desktop computer and click on the triangle icon on the top right hand side.

Step 2:

Click Setting and then click General.

Step 3:

At the bottom of the page you will see an icon and text labeled: Download a copy of your Facebook data.

Step 4: Click the data icon and begin in order to begin the process for downloading your data and information.

After you have completed your download, Facebook will then email you a link to download your data.

The report you will receive from Facebook will show all the information Facebook has on you. If you are one of the first users on Facebook, or you have had your account for several years; you will be surprised on how much information is available.

The information includes every status updated you ever posted, your timeline including their comments and likes. Your friends list, your friends Add list and every message you ever sent using Facebook.

Since you can not do much about the data collected by Facebook, and If you plan on continuing to use Facebook, make sure to tweak your Facebook privacy settings. Try to disable Facebook applications, and if you can not, review which apps are using your Facebook information: That information is being sold to third parties.

Social media is in everything we do today. Data is collected every millisecond. If you plan on sharing and posting things online: Rest assure, your information will find its way online!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 1, 2021
Sensitive Information!