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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Ohio?

A birth certificate is an important legal document. In Ohio, birth records can be made new three to five working days online. There are many portals that help one to order their birth certificate if the birth has occurred within the state of Ohio. It is a general rule in Ohio that, birth certificates can be obtained only after 90 days post the birth event. Once a request for a birth certificate is processed, the US vital records department request for the ID proofs through email. They also give complete instruction on how to send the ID proof. Upon reviewing the request one will receive their birth certificate by mail or in person. Here are the basic steps on how to get a birth certificate in Ohio.

In Ohio, a Birth certificate can be obtained through trusted websites and also in person. There are three different services provided by online portals namely:

  1. New birth certificate request
  2. Replace details in the birth certificate request
  3. Copy of the birth certificate request.

These birth records creation requests are duly reviewed and quickly processed within 3 to 5 working days.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Ohio
How to Order a New Birth Certificate in Ohio?

In-State of Ohio birth certificate can be requested from the public health center in person or one can fill the form online (click here) and submit. These paid services are fully secure and trustworthy. If one wishes to order birth certificate Ohio online web portals require them to fill the following details without spelling mistakes in the form provided:

  1. State of birth
  2. City/ town of birth
  3. Country of birth
  4. First name at birth
  5. Middle name at birth
  6. Last name at birth
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Gender
  9. Has the person changed his name through a marriage
  10. Has the person ever changed his name
  11. Date of birth
  12. State of birth
  13. Country of birth
  14. Mother’s first name
  15. Mother’s maiden name
  16. Mother’s last name
  17. Mothers last name after marriage is different
  18. Father’s first name
  19. Father’s middle name
  20. Father’s last name
  21. Father unknown or unlisted
  22. Name and contact information
  23. Address
  24. Email address
  25. Phone number
  26. Why are you applying for a birth certificate
  27. Address in detail

The correctness of the filled information needs to be checked and upon clicking “submit my application” button the Ohio Birth records form is submitted for review. Post the review, the ID proof documentation is collected and a new birth certificate is issued

How to Replace Birth Certificate in Ohio?

Sometimes the content in the current birth certificate can be wrong and in such cases, one might need to replace information in their Ohio Birth certificate. They can choose to fill this form (click here) and order Birth Certificate Ohio State. Similar to the new birth certificate request, the order will be reviewed and the documents are created within 5 working days and mailed to the concerned person.
Ohio Birth Certificate
How to get a Copy of a Birth Certificate in Ohio?

In case one has misplaced or lost their Ohio birth records, online portals help to create a copy of the birth certificate. One can fill the form (click here), submit and wait for the copy of the birth certificate to be generated and mailed to their email address.

Birth Record documents are very personal. One has to safe keep them at any cost. Also, one has to spend time reviewing the request before submitting the same as any mistake in the content will create an erroneous birth record. To get the birth certificate in person, one has to visit the office of vital statistics. The same can be obtained by clicking on


for any further information, one can reach the Ohio Department of Health at (614)-466-3543. The hotline number is active from 8 AM to 5 PM except for state and federal holidays. It generally costs around $21 to procure public records in Ohio

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 26, 2021
Sensitive Information!