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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Alabama?

A person requires a copy of his/her birth certificate for several reasons. When people lose their birth records, they would like to obtain another copy. It is not difficult to order a second one. While most of the states in the United States same the same process to obtain a birth certificate, check out some of the popular methods to obtain your Alabama birth certificate.

Method 1

Are you wondering how to get a birth certificate Alabama? Here are the steps to get one:

1. Check you are legally eligible to order birth certificate Alabama or not
  • a. Only the person whose name appears on the certificate, people with legal rights, or immediate family members can request a birth certificate in the state of Alabama. However, the birth certificate should be not older than 125 years. Legal guardians and parents are permitted to order their child’s birth certificate in the state.
  • b. Children, siblings, and spouses of the individual whose name appears on a birth certificate can order for the same.
  • c. Authorized persons’ legal representatives such as an attorney of the spouse are eligible for ordering a birth certificate.

Alabama Birth Certificate
2. Download the application form

  • The form for vital records order is available online. The form can be used to procure a divorce, marriage, death, or, birth certificates. The form has to be downloaded and printed.
  • a. The state of Alabama birth certificate can be also applied by visiting the state’s county health department.
  • b. Payment can be made through money order, check, or cash.
  • c. The order can be placed online via a service provider called VitalChek. It accepts payment through credit cards. The form should be filled up and then submitted online.
3. Fill up the form’s application section

The applicant should fill up complete details in the form’s Application Section. The health department gets information about the person who is ordering the birth certificate, as well as, where they will send it.

4. Fill up the form’s birth section

The applicant should provide as much information as possible here. It will ensure the accurate and timely processing of your request.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Alabama

5. The form should be signed

It is crucial for the applicant to sign the application form. Else the request for the public records will not be further processed.

It should be remembered that when an applicant signs the application form, he/she is attesting that they enjoy the legal authority of ordering the birth certificate. In case the requestor is not authorized legally and signs the form, they may be penalized.

6. Buy a money order or write a check

The application has to pay a fee for requesting the birth certificate’s copy. Vital Records of Alabama accept money order or check as payment.

7. Send the application form

It is better to keep a copy of the application form for getting their Alabama birth records. They should be certain of enclosing a check with the correct amount.

Alternative method- Ordering a sealed certificate in the state of Alabama

Ascertain whether the original birth certificate is placed inside the sealed file

The original certificate is sealed pose paternity determination, legitimation, or adoption. The state of Alabama issues a fresh birth certificate while the original is maintained in a sealed file.

It is possible to get the original birth certificate’s copy when the requestor is a minimum of 19-year-old. As the original certificate has not been certified, it cannot be used for any kind of legal purpose. The applicant will get all the relevant documents in a sealed file (vital records) along with the request.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 9, 2022
Sensitive Information!