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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Alaska?

Most of the states in the U.S. have their own rules governing the procedure of obtaining court records. Alaska is not an exception. Requests to access Alaska Court Records are governed by the Rule 37.5 Public Access to Public Records Within the Alaska Court System.

How To Know If You Are Eligible to Have Access to Court Records in Alaska?

According to the law, the public has the right to access and inspect public records preserved by the Alaska Court System. These records can be a physical or electronic document, sound, picture, or symbol. An individual will not be eligible to access documents that come under certain categories. These documents are as follows:

1) Documents related to performance evaluation or disciplinary matters concerning any employee of the Alaska Court System,

2) Documents including drafts and notes prepared by the judicial office for the purpose of adjudicating or resolving any legal matter or controversy,

3) Documents produced by attorney or clerks in order to represent the Alaska Court System during the course of business,

4) Documents that are required to be kept confidential for keeping a matter sealed.

Alaska Court Records

How To Request Access to Records in the State of Alaska?

If you are wondering how to get Court Records in Alaska, the first step is to know whether your case is Anchorage or not. The easiest way to identify this is to have a look at the case number. Case numbers starting with 3AN fall under the Anchorage category. According to the law, you are required to send a request for access to Anchorage court records to the Anchorage Court.

Others need to be sent to the court which has the case file. In order to obtain records from the Anchorage Court, you must fill the form here. The form, once filled, can be mailed or faxed. In the form, you will have to mention the documents you need from a case. These documents include petition, complaint, decree, Qualified Domestic Relations Order, Judgment, and so on.

How To Know About the Fees of Accessing Court Records in Alaska?

The cost of obtaining Alaska State Court records depends on the kind of documents that you require. While requesting records, you can specify the type of copy you want. Copies are available in four types i.e. Plain Copies, Certified Copies, Exemplified Copies, and Authenticated Copies. You will be charged a research fee of minimum one hour for the Alaska Court Records Search. This happens irrespective of the kind of copy you request.

Both plain copies and certified copies are charged on the basis of per document. However, additional copies of the certified copy are charged a reduced amount of money. Both exemplified and authenticated copies are mailed only. The details of the fees can be found there.

How to Obtain Court Records In Alaska

Can You Request Confidential Court Records in Alaska?

You can apply to have access to confidential court records only if you are a party to the case. While making such requests, you will be required to present identity proof to the court clerk. Cases that are considered to be confidential include cases related to adoption, conservatorship, delinquency, guardianship, sanity, and minor settlement. In addition, cases declared as confidential by a judge will come under this category as well.

How Many Days Does It Take For One to Receive Court Records?

If you have already applied for Alaska Court Records online, you can expect documents to arrive within 7 business days. In case you haven’t given the necessary information in the form, it will take longer. Also, large requests usually take more time to be processed.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!