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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Arkansas?

With the passing of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act in 1967, all citizens of the state obtained the right to view and access public records, state records, and court records. Public records can be accessed and copied by any member of the public unless it is explicitly prohibited by law. This act of transparency ensures that in the long run, people get more trust in the working of their government.

How to Get Arkansas Court Records Online

Arkansas has a free online portal called Court Connect, by which any individual looking to access information about a court online can do so. In order to find information, you will have to file an online application including details such as your name, date of birth, and your reason for accessing the records. Arkansas court records can be accessed online through this portal.

The online Arkansas court records search gives the following details about any case:
  • The parties which were involved.
  • The attorneys who were employed for the case.
  • The Judge.
  • The charges against the accused and the dispositions carried out.
  • The various files relating to the case.
  • The final judgment that was passed.
Arkansas Court Records

How to Get Court Records in Arkansas

Conducting an Arkansas court records search is fairly simple because a majority of the court information is available online. However, there is some information that may not be available online, for the simple reason that the courts may not have filed the information online. In order to find information about these cases, you will have to go to the courthouse where the case was fought and request to see the documents. All Arkansas state court records are available to everyone except in special circumstances when the court records are blocked by law.

In this scenario, very few people have access to hidden Arkansas court records, online or offline, including:
  • Employees of the court and the court clerk.
  • Private or government employees who assist the court.
  • Public organizations who are legally allowed to access the information in courts.
  • The parties involved in a case and their lawyers.
Arkansas State Court Records

How to Get Court Records in Arkansas in Bulk Distribution

In the state of Arkansas, court records can also be requested for in bulk. To do this, you will have to submit a form in writing to the organization which has jurisdiction over the Arkansas state court records. In addition, if you want a bulk distribution of an electronic piece of evidence, such as an audio or video transcript, an electronic image, an electronic exhibit or an online transcript, you will have to submit a written request to the court where the case was held. In all your requests, you will have to state the reason for your request. The court will have the full legal authority to deny your request if it feels that you are not going to be using the documents in a proper manner.

In addition to paying the standard fees for an Arkansas Court Records Search, the requester will also have to be willing to pay for all the copies themselves, in addition for all the materials that will be required and the personnel time that will be taken up in making the multiple prints. The first hour of personnel time is free, and then after that, the requester will have to pay on an hourly basis. If the total costs exceed $25, then the requester will be allowed to ask for an estimate. Moreover, they are also entitled to get an itemized breakdown of the billing procedure, if the requester desires to receive one. This increases transparency in the process.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!