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How to Get a Birth Certificate in New Jersey?

New Jersey Vital Records Agency Information:

The primary function of the New Jersey Vital Record agency is to issue copies of various certificates for all events that occurred in the State of New Jersey like the New Jersey birth certificates, New Jersey death certificate, the New Jersey Marriage certificate, records of the New Jersey civil union and the New Jersey Domestic partnership record.

Application requirements:

All applicants applying to the New Jersey Vital Record agency must submit government-issued personal photo identification. Specific instructions on the Authorization form will include how to go about submitting the photo ID. You can fax your photo ID to the New Jersey Vital records office. However, the copy must be clear and legible in order to be accepted.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in New Jersey
Some Acceptable Valid Photo id Documents are:

A government-issued driver’s license with a photo on it. The driver’s license should also contain the address or a valid government-issued ID

Other government recognized photo-id documents are Green Card, Vehicle Registration, School ID, insurance card, Voter’s registration, Vehicle insurance card, Bank statement, Lease or rental agreement, Utility bills like gas, water and electric or a Public Assistance Card.

Purposes to apply for Birth Certificates:

New Jersey birth certificate is a valid government-certified document which comes in handy while applying for a passport, social security, employment, and other legal purposes.

Who can order?

New Jersey Apart from the applicant, there are only a few other people who can be authorized to receive the birth certificate. The applicant must refer to the people he trusts to receive the document on his behalf. Some people who can receive the document on the applicant's behalf are adult children, a sibling, a parent or a legal representative.

Others not in the list mentioned above must fax a proof of entitlement which can be a guardianship paper, a power of attorney, guardianship paper, etc. The fax number of the New Jersey Vital Records agency is 877.553.2194

New Jersey Birth Certificate


New Jersey Vital Records agency will only ship birth certificates to the addresses mentioned on the photo ID that was submitted. It is important to note that the billing address and the address on the photo ID document should match for shipment to take place.

Uses of a birth certificate

Travel: In order to obtain a passport, one of the preliminary requirements for the United States Bureau of Consular Affairs is a birth certificate.

In an event leading to marriage or divorce, wherein you are entitled to a name change, a birth record will prove is the official document that proves your original name.

Identity: Your birth certificate is also needed to procure:

Social Security Card: A Social Security Card number application would demand proof of citizenship, identity, and age. The best document that qualifies to be produced in this case is the birth certificate. Although the Social Security Administration (SSA) accepts other public records that prove your birth, age, and citizenship, the birth certificate is a document that is most preferred.

Driver’s Licence: A natural-born citizen must provide a birth certificate as proof of identification when applying for a driver’s license.

Tax Benefits: When taxes need to be filed, a birth certificate is ample proof that the children staying with you at your residence are not adults but rather minors and are exempt from paying tax. A birth certificate is an effective proof for tax purposes. The New Jersey birth certificate will also prove that you are their legal parents. A birth certificate will help you file taxes without much hassle as compared to other legal documents.

Inheritance of family property: In the event of a demise of a parent, and if he or she has left a will for surviving children, the only way to prove that the relationship is indeed that of parent and child is through a birth certificate. The birth record lists the parents in the certificate and is ample proof enough to establish oneself as a decedent of the diseased.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!