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How to Get a Birth Certificate in North Dakota?

The birth certificate is a record of a person’s birth. It is a very important record that certifies the date of birth of a person. This is a vital record that needs to be produced at the time of joining a school to verify the age of a child. A person’s date of birth is based on the birth certificate. It may also need to be produced while applying for a passport or other such documents. A birth certificate can be obtained anytime. The procedure depends on the state where you apply.

Getting a birth certificate in North Dakota

Who can apply?

In the state of North Dakota, the birth certificate is known as the certified copy of the birth record. It can be obtained only by three people:

  1. a) The person requesting the birth certificate provided he/she is 16 years or older.
  2. b) The father whose name appears on the record.
  3. c) The mother whose name appears on the record.

Any other person can apply for the birth certificate if they have a notarized authorization from any of the three named above. No one else will be issued a birth certificate unless they have an order from a court authorizing them to receive the certificate.

Identification needed

While applying for the birth certificate, it is mandatory to provide one of the following documents:

  1. a) Driver’s license or Photo ID
  2. b) Passport
  3. c) Permanent resident card
  4. d) Tribal ID card
  5. e) Military ID card

Only the card issued by the appropriate authority is acceptable.


$15 is the fee for issue of the birth certificate. There are no additional charges for sending the certificate by US postal first class mail. It can also be sent by Federal Express/UPS and additional charges of $16 to $50 are payable.

Payment can be made by credit card or by cash if visiting the office to pick up the certificate in person.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in North Dakota

Applying for the birth certificate

Application for the birth certificate can be done online by visiting the official website https://apps.nd.gov/doh/certificates/firstPage.htm

An email ID or phone number needs to be entered to start the procedure. The application form needs to be filled online and all the details of the applicant, including the relationship with a person whose birth certificate is applied, needs to be provided. A copy of the identification proof needs to be uploaded with the application form, after which the fee can be paid using a credit card.

It is possible to apply for the birth certificate by mail. The application form can be downloaded from https://www.ndhealth.gov/vital/forms/birth.pdf printed, filled in and mailed to the department. Identification proof must be enclosed with the application. The filled-in form with the identification documents and the fee (through money order or check favoring North Dakota Department of Health) should be mailed to:

ND Department of Health

Division of Vital Records

600 East Boulevard Ave, Dept 301

Bismarck, ND 58505-0200

North Dakota Birth Records
The third option to apply for a form is in person. The applicant can visit Room No. 118, in the Judicial Wing, State Capitol Building in Bismarck. The application form can be filled in person and submitted with the fee and proof of identification. In such a case, the birth certificate is issued immediately (within a few minutes).

In case of application online or by mail, the birth certificate is sent by US Mail or other options as specified. This usually is done within 3 to 5 business days.

For any queries, the department can be contacted on (701) 328-2360 or email: vitalrec@nd.gov

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!