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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Oregon?

In Oregon, public records including certified copies of birth records are issued and managed by the state’s Health Statistics office. The fastest and the most reliable way to obtain an Oregon birth certificate are to apply through channels approved by the Health Statistics Center. The Center offers multiple, convenient ways for applicants to apply for certified birth records. You can apply online, by mail, over the phone, or in person.

Who is Eligible to Apply for an Oregon Birth Certificate?

The record subject – the individual named on the birth certificate – is eligible provided he or she is 15 years of age or older.

Other individuals and entities including direct and distant blood relatives, legal representatives, and government agencies, can apply provided they submit valid proof of relationship and/or legal documents as applicable. See who all are eligible to apply for a birth certificate of another individual.

What is the Proof Required to Apply for Oregon Birth Records?

If you are applying for your own certificate, then you must submit an acceptable identification. Documents past the expiry date are not accepted as identification. You can submit 1 valid identification or 3 alternate identifications. Here is a complete list of valid and alternate identification.

If you are applying for any other individual, any legal document that states your relationship with the subject or entitlement to the birth certificate is valid. You must submit a proof of relationship in addition to a valid identification.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Oregon
A valid proof can include but is not limited to:

  • A legal document stating that an attorney is acting on behalf of the record subject.
  • A legal document stating that an attorney is representing a relative of the subject record, and a legal document such as a birth certificate or marriage record that testifies to the relationship.
  • A copy of a power of attorney.
  • A copy of a court order declaring your entitlement to the birth record.
  • A permission letter authorized by an eligible individual bearing his or her notarized sign in case the applicant is not qualified to apply.

How to Get A Birth Certificate in Oregon?

1) Order  Birth Certificate Oregon Online

  • Visit the birth certificate application portal.
  • Choose to order a birth certificate by clicking the relevant icon.
  • Continue the ordering process by entering details according to the self-explanatory instructions.
  • Submit valid identification and required proof online.
  • Pay the applicable fees. A single copy currently costs $43.25. See here for updated fee details. Use any major credit or debit card.
  • Expect the certificate to be shipped by 3 business days. You could also order for expedited service for an extra fee.

2) Apply for a State of Oregon Birth Certificate over Phone

  • Call 1 888 896 4988 Monday thru Sunday at any time to place your order.
  • Give the required information as per instructions.
  • Allow for a screening of your identity by giving your date of birth and social security number.
  • Submit valid identification and proof of relationship as applicable.
  • Pay using a debit or credit card. The current fee is $44.95. Check updated fee details here.
Birth Certificate

3) Apply for an Oregon Birth Certificate by Mail

  • Print the birth certificate application form available here.
  • Complete the form and sign it.
  • Enclose copies of valid identification and proof of relationship.
  • Enclose a check or money order of $25 made payable to Vital Records.
  • Mail the entire package to:

Vital Records

Postbox Number 14050


Oregon 97293

  • Allow up to 5 to 8 weeks to have your request processed.

You can opt for a Rush Mail too:

  • Pay $25 fee using a money order.
  • Enclose a self-addressed prepaid envelope for overnight delivery.
  • Send the form along with acceptable identification and proof of relationship documents through an overnight delivery service to:

Vital Records Office

Suite 205, 800 NE Oregon Street


Oregon 97232

  • Allow up to 3 to 5 business days to have your certificate shipped.

4) Apply for Oregon Birth Records in Person

  • Visit Room Number 205 of the Vital Records office located on 800 NE Oregon Street in Portland, on any weekday between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00.p.m. Drop your completed form at the self-service kiosks here.
  • Submit the required identification and proof of relationship.
  • Make a payment of $28 using cash, credit or debit cards and money orders. Electronic Fund Transfer using a personal check is also accepted.
  • Wait for up to 1 hour to receive your certificate.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!