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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Pennsylvania?

The health department of Pennsylvania issues and maintains public records including birth records of the people of the state. Having a Pennsylvania birth certificate is important to be able to apply for a job, driver’s license, or passport, or to enroll in a sport’s program or join a school.

No matter the purpose, you can apply for a copy of Pennsylvania birth certificate in easy ways approved by the state.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Pennsylvania Birth Records?

  • You, the birth record subject, meaning the individual in whose name the birth record is registered.
  • Any immediate member of the family, including parents and grandparents.
  • A legal guardian.
  • An attorney or any other legal representative for the record subject or his or her family members.

What are Acceptable Documents for Identification?

  • One photocopy of any photo identification issued by the government, including a driver’s license, is a valid proof of identity. Any such identification must carry the applicant’s current address. Identification past the expiry date is not accepted.
  • Photocopies of 2 documents in case the applicant does not have a photo identification are essential. Such documents include lease or rent agreements, car registration documents, utility bills, bank statements, pay stubs or other such. Call 844 228 3516 to know more about such valid documents.
  • A Power of Attorney or POA document must be submitted if the applicant is neither the record subject nor any eligible immediate family member.

In such cases, the applicant must include an explanation along with the application that states why the record subject or an immediate family member was unavailable for application.

The applicant must have the POA notarized and the document must carry signatures of the people privy to the agreement, including the seal and sign of the notary. The POA document would be returned to the applicant.

You can also produce a copy of your POA but only if it is a certified copy issued by a court.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Pennsylvania
How to Get a Birth Certificate in Pennsylvania?

1) Order Birth Certificate Pennsylvania in Person

  • Visit the branch office of the Vital Records Pennsylvania division at any of the following locations:

o Scranton

o Erie

o New Castle

o Harrisburg

o Philadelphia

o Pittsburgh

  • Get a birth certificate application form at the office, or print one.
  • Carry required photo identification or supporting documents as explained above.
  • Make a payment using a money order or check made payable to Vital Records.

The current fee for a copy of a birth certificate is $20.

You may be exempt from fee payment if you are the applicant and are a member of the armed forces, or related to the American Armed Forces in ways as stipulated here.

  • Sign the application and submit it along with all required documents and payment.
  • Receive the certificate on the same day or up to 5 days later.
Pennsylvania Birth Certificate

2) Apply for a State of Pennsylvania Birth Certificate by Mail

  • Print the birth certificate application form here.
  • Complete the form.
  • Enclose picture identification or supporting documents or a POA, as applicable.
  • Enclose a money order or check made payable to Vital Records. The current fee is $20 per copy.
  • Sign the form.
  • Mail the entire package to:

Vital Records office

State Health Department

New Castle Post Box Number 1528

PA 16103

  • Wait for up to 7 business days to get your birth certificate.

3) Order a State of Pennsylvania Birth Certificate Online

  • Visit the online portal for birth certificate application
  • Click the Birth Certificate option and start applying.
  • Enter all required information as per instructions.
  • Upload or fax required documents for identification as per instructions.
  • Make payment using a credit card. In addition to the standard certificate fee of $20, your total cost will include fees for online transaction and shipping.
  • Complete the application process.
  • Wait for less than 7 days to receive your certificate.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!