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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Tennessee?

Birth certificates in Tennessee may be obtained by visiting the Office of Vital Records, where the information is stored, or by sending an application to the office. A birth certificate is an important official document that can be used as identification. That is why only authorized people can obtain copies of birth certificates that can be used as identification. Everyone else will not only need to support the reason behind why they need someone else's birth certificate in order for the processing of the application to begin, but they will also not be given a copy that can be used as identification.

The people who are authorized to obtain a birth record include the person whose birth certificate it is, their parents, their children, their grandparents as well as grandchildren, any law enforcement officer than has been granted authority as well as any other person who has received a court order than given them the authority to obtain the birth certificate in the State of Tennessee.

How do you get a birth certificate in Tennessee?

Ordering a birth certificate in Tennessee can be done in one of three ways. The first way is to go in person to the Vital Records office in order to apply there, the second is to mail the office with an application form and the processing fee, and the third is using Vital Check to apply for a birth certificate online.

The only way to make an online application when it comes to birth certificates is through Vital Check, and Tennessee currently supports no other online format for birth certificate applications.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Tennessee

How do you apply for a birth certificate in person?

Those who want to apply for their birth certificates in person must go to the Tennesse Vital Records Office, which is located on the first floor of the Andrew Johnson Tower in Nashville. The office for application of birth records accepts applications every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, and every Tuesday and Thursday between 8:00 am - 6:00 pm both in Central Time.

Applicants have to fill out a form, present the processing fee as well as valid identification of their own. If the person applying is not authorized, then they must have evidence that shows why they need the birth certificate. Alternatively, they can get an authorized person to apply.

There is another way to apply in person, and that is by visiting the kiosk located at the Office of Vital Records. The kiosk mostly takes care of the process, but if the kiosk can not detect valid identification, then the applicant can either visit the nearest manned counter and present their identification there, or if they are not in the list of people authorized to obtain that certificate, they will need to offer support on why they need the document. The kiosk will charge an additional and non-refundable $4 to those who apply from it.

Every Local County Health Department in Tennessee can now also issue birth certificates. Applicants can visit this local health department instead of having to travel to a city that has the required information in their records. The electronic issuing system has made obtaining birth records in Tennessee an easier process.

Tennessee Birth Records
How do you apply for a birth certificate using mail?

The office of vital records is a public repository that contains many different kinds of records, such as public records and birth records. Those who want to apply using mail have to first fill out the application form and then sign it. They must then use an identification which is both issued by the government and has their signature on it and a notarized application. These documents must be mailed to the following address, alongside the processing fee. The address is:

Tennessee Vital Records

1st Floor, Andrew Jonhson Tower

710 James Robertson Parkway

Nashville, TN 37243

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 9, 2022
Sensitive Information!