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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Texas?

Getting a birth certificate in Texas is relatively easy. Different avenues are set in place for acquiring one. Thus, you can approach the concerned office in person, apply for it online, or apply and receive it by mail.


Either you or your family members are eligible to acquire a birth certificate provided the birth certificate in question is not more than 75 years old. In a case that someone out of your family line is applying for the birth certificate, you will be required to furnish details on reasons why you need them. You can also go about it by sending along with the person to whom you want the document released a written notarized statement explaining your willingness to hand over the birth certificate to the undersigned. You must include a valid photo ID and the full name of the person undersigned.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Texas
Different Types of Birth Certificate:

There are different types of formats of birth certificates, which serve different purposes for the state of Texas. Some of them are as follows:

The Standard Size Format: The Standard Size Format is the most common type of birth certificate available in the Texan system. With this particular birth certificate, you can apply for a school registration of a driver's license yet.

The Full-Size Format: The Full-Size Format copy contains a lot more information than the Standard Size Format. And therefore, you must be absolutely sure that you need it before putting forward an application. This format is usually needed to apply for a passport or for a dual citizenship application at an embassy.

The Heirloom Format: The Heirloom Format is a certificate with special engravings, beautiful borders, heirloom-quality paper, and a seal embossed in gold. Although this is an official document, the primary purpose of the Heirloom Format is for decorative purposes.

State of Texas, Birth Certificate
Ordering the Birth Certificate

The state of Texas offers different ways to order a birth certificate. However, irrespective of your choice you will need to provide general information such as your full name, the county or city where you were born, the name of your father in full, the maiden name of your mother and your social security number. Once this primary information has been furnished, you will need to:

  • Fill out the application form that you desire. The contents of this form are generic in nature like the type of document you desire, number of copies and the total cost. Other information like date of birth and city of birth need to be keyed in. Finally, you must provide your address and affix your signature. This procedure is done in person in order to receive the birth certificate It is imperative that you provide the exact mailing address for purposes of expediting the order.

Including a copy of your photo identification is paramount in your application. Forms of identification accepted by the state of Texas include driver’s license, other Texan authorized state identification cards, military identifications, government employment identifications, and others. You must also provide utility bills like water or electricity bill showing clearly that you stay at the address given in the bill.

The application can be sent to the designated office. You can also take the required relevant documents to the office personally for submission. For a standard mail request, remember to enclose checks depending on the number of additional copies that you need. A standard mail request would cost $22 for each copy and $60 for an heirloom copy. A processing fee of $5 should also be included in the check. You will then mail the request to:

Texas Vital Records MC 2096,

Department of State Health Services.

1100 West 49th streets,


TX 78756

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!