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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Connecticut?

This article flows through the intricacies of the broad sense of Court records looking into the definition of court records, court records functioning as public records. Apart from this, it deals with the division of court records into its types. It further deals with the Connecticut court records search and Connecticut court records online

Meaning of the Court Records:

Court records are the records and maintained by the courts of a particular level. Mostly, the court records contain a docket sheet which includes all the papers filed and actions taken in a case and all the other documents filed at different step of a case from the beginning to the end and serves as a source for future references too. A case file is a typical form of the court record. This case file is kept at the courthouse with the utmost care and preserved in order to proceed, conclude and make other important decisions in a court case.

Court records mostly include documents in federal courts that are filed in electronic form. The media and the general public can access most of these records present in the system. Court records not accessible as public records are treated as confidential documents and are a part of closed hearings in the court. Even court records available as public records do not contain all the information in them.

Connecticut Court Records

Types of Court Records:

Court records are kept by state and federal courts both in order to know at every step what they did and when. Dockets are court records in which short entries are done so that changes can be made in the status of the case on every hearing till the case is closed or the judgment is served. Whenever a case is in the court, its current status can be checked by looking at the docket. Minute books generally reflect the term of the court, the month and year of the court case, and the place where it has proceeded. Court orders are produced and maintained by law in most jurisdictions for further reference. Usually, these are given to sheriff and marshal to keep them updated on the case. When judgment is served by any court and the case is completed, the clerk is asked to complete an extensive minute entry with details of the case and its procession in a special book of judgment.

Connecticut State Court Records
Connecticut Court Records Search:

There are two methods to access Connecticut public court records. First, Case Lookup and Second, Secured Odyssey Public Access as provided by the highest court of Connecticut. The former does not require any form of registration while the latter requires registration for the access.

Connecticut Court Records Online:

In order to access the Connecticut court records online, one needs to browse to the National Archives Order Reproductions page. Followed by this, Click on "Order Reproductions" and further to "Court Records". Choose the appropriate court such as Civil court, Criminal court, or Court of Appeals. Set up an account on the same by providing your details and thus following this, you can easily order your copy of records. That's how you can find Connecticut State Court Records.


Connecticut is a U.S. state in southern New England that has a number of coastal cities and small towns. Case Lookup and Second, Secured Odyssey Public Access are two methods to search for the court records in Connecticut. Registration is necessary for one while it is not required for the another. National Archives Order Reproductions page can be visited to access the records online in Connecticut.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!