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How to Find Death Records in Connecticut State?

Just the way a State keeps a track of the births in its jurisdictions to get statistical data on birth rates, it also keeps a track record of deaths in order to obtain a death rate and arrive at the population growth rate accordingly. Public death records are vital, not only for relatives to get information about their long lost loved ones, or for insurance companies in cases of life-insurance paybacks. Law enforcement officials also make use of the public death records which are conducive in their investigation processes.

As most State governments in the USA keep a detailed track record of deaths within their state, the state of Connecticut is no exception.

The record for various types of events, including marriage, birth, and death can be found at this website. The website has comprehensive links for all, including on how to go about finding a certificate and what is the procedure for it. The various ways in which you can find death records and get a certificate is as follows;

Connecticut death records online: The state of Connecticut has appointed the third party vendor, Vital Check. Easy navigation on the home page of the website will make you choose between different types of records, birth, marriage, and death. Upon clicking on death, you will be redirected to a page which will require you to choose the state in which the event occurred, which in this case is Connecticut.

How to Find Death Records in Connecticut

Upon selecting the state, the website will ask you the place/county/city/town where it occurred. A proceeding which, you would be asked to specify the date on which it happened. The website would then specify the fees required and then the process will be followed accordingly. After this step, more details of the fees involved would be given and the name of the deceased and the relationship you share with them would be asked.

It should be noted here that the certificates for stillbirth and fetal deaths cannot be obtained online. For that, you would have to visit the Town Vital Records office, a listing of which is given at this link

Public Death Records 'state_name',

In-person: Connecticut death records can also be obtained by visiting the Town Vital Records Office or the State Vital Records Office. For a listing of the town directory, the link is also given above. For the State Vital Records, the address is given below:

State Vital Records Office is located at:

CT Department of Public Health

State Vital Records Office

410 Capitol Avenue, 1st Floor

Hartford, CT 06106.

Online Death Records

The records from the Town Vital Records Office and State Vital Records Office is the same for Hartford. Both the town and the state-issued death certificate cost 20$ per copy. It has been mentioned that the stillbirth and fetal death records are 30$ per copy. in the case of Town issued certificates, money order payable to the town must be made. Personal checks are not permissible. In the case of State issued certificates, money order payable to "Treasurer, State of Connecticut" must be made. Credit cards and personal checks are not allowed.

The applications and forms for State issued and Town issued death certificates can be found at this link. It also includes certificates for stillbirths and fetal deaths.

By mail: For the town issued vital records, you would have to access the directory and for the ones issued by the State office, you would need to mail it to the above-mentioned State Vital Records Office address mentioned above. If you have access to the social security number of the deceased, then a proof of identification and of the relationship with the deceased is a must.

Connecticut law also mandates that the death certificate of a Veteran can be obtained through a fee waiver which can be redeemed only once. It has to be redeemed by a relative and in the process of doing so, a government-issued valid photo ID and proof of relationship to the deceased is mandatory.

In the case of death certificates, you can get telephonic assistance at (860) 509-7700.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 19, 2021
Sensitive Information!