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How to Find Death Records in Delaware?

Obtaining a certified copy of Delaware death records is easy in the State of Delaware. These are housed at the Office of Vital Records. This department takes care of all vital files related to births, marriages, divorces, and deaths that occur in Delaware. Considered key life events, files pertaining to these events include divorce certificates, marriage licenses, birth certificates, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, divorce records, and death records. These vital records are housed in a central registry and are used for statistical analyses.

What are Death Records?

A death certificate or record is issued when a resident of Delaware passes. In Delaware State, records of deaths were noted from 1855. It wasn’t until 1881 when a state-wide registration of all deaths was enacted. This information was later compiled in 1890. To access death records dating back over four decades, the interested party must visit Delaware Public Archives. To obtain a copy of these public records, the fee is $25.

How to Find Death Records in Delaware
Why are Death Records Accessible by the Public?

According to the Delaware Freedom of Information Act published in 1977 with amendments made in 2009, every resident in the state of Delaware has the constitutional right to access their public records. These records are maintained by state and local governments and can, therefore, be viewed and copied.

How to Find Death Records in Delaware?

There are two ways in which Delaware residents may obtain a certified copy of a death record.

  1. Visit the Office of Vital Records.

Where is the Office of Vital Records?

The address for the Delaware Office of Vital Records is:

Office of Vital Statistics

Division of Public Health

417 Federal Street

Dover, DE 19901

To contact the Office of Vital Statistics: (302) 744-4549

  1. Search for Delaware Death Records Online

VitalChek is a third-party organization that provides residents of Delaware with seamless access to public records. VitalChek is an official partner with the United States government. It has records from more than 400 records agencies across the nation.

To search for online death records, visit VitalChek. This will automatically take you to Delaware vital records. Enter the county name, date of death, and name of the deceased individual. Once the vital record is located, you will be notified about the fee. The cost to obtain the first certified copy is $25 with an additional $12.95 VitalChek processing fee. Delivery is free using standard mail. For express orders using FedEx or UPS, there are additional charges. Delivery using standard mail can take up to 10 business days. With delivery partners, it can take up to 5 business days.

Please note, not everyone is entitled to obtain a certified copy of a death record. Public death records Delaware can only be obtained by next of kin or any legal representative who has the authority to obtain this particular death certificate may do so. In order to process your order, VitalChek requires that you provide proof of identity verification. These are documents issued by the United States government that display your photograph.

Delaware Death Records
Listed below are some examples:

- State-issued or Federal issued photo identification such as passport, military ID, valid driver’s license, etc. Alternate forms of identity will be listed on your particular Identity Verification Documents list.

- You must also submit documentation that demonstrates your association/relationship with a deceased person whose name appears on the death certificate. For instance, if you are a spouse of the deceased person, you must submit a certified copy of your marriage certificate. You may also submit a notarized acknowledgment of identity.

Without submission of an identity verification document, orders will not be processed.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 28, 2021
Sensitive Information!