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How to Find Death Records in Vermont?

Death records are legal documents that state the cause of death of a person, as well as their name and age when they passed. A death certificate must be signed by a coroner or a physician who examined the deceased’s body and conducted the autopsy. A death record is not valid unless it is duly signed by the correct authority. Death records provide a lot more information along with the deceased’s name and cause of death. The death records also have details on the person’s occupation, their parents’ names and places of birth, etc. If you live in Vermont and are looking for the death records of your ancestors, getting a hold on them is not difficult since the state has records of the same and you also opt to get death records online now, as they are part of public records.

Vermont Death Records

Towns were created in Vermont in around 1760. At the time deaths were recorded by town clerks right from the time the towns were created. Vermont still follows the same system and over the years the town clerks still maintain Vermont death records. Prior to 1870, death records were not maintained regularly, so if you are looking for the public death records Vermont of a person who died before this time, you may or may not be able to find the records. In 1870 however, the State Board of Health was set up and the with it the record-keeping process was improved.

How to Find Death Records in Vermont
In 1857, Vermont began registration of deaths statewide, this compilation was fairly completed by 1919. However, the town clerks still maintain records. Earlier death records were put in town and land records but after 1950, the death records we only a part of town records.

If you are looking for death records Vermont, you will first need to know the town in which your ancestor died. If you are not able to find the death records in the town clerk’s office, you may have to look up substitute records which include church and cemetery records, census details, newspaper clippings, and obituaries, birth records and wills as well as military records.

How to find Death Records in Vermont

If you are wondering how to find death records in Vermont, you have quite a few options. The Vermont Department of Health maintains a state registry which is available online where you can find the death records of your ancestors. The Vermont State Archives also has these records on microfilm. The State of Vermont has no restrictions on accessing vital records, including death records. However, it is important to note that microfilm copies cannot be used for legal purposes and you will need a certified copy for legal proceedings.

You can also access online death records from various sites. Here is a list of places you can retrieve Vermont death records from.

Vermont Death Records Online

Department of Health – The Vermont Health Department has a searchable index of deaths and births which can be accessed here - https://secure.vermont.gov/VSARA/vitalrecords/search-tool.php

Ancestry.com – You can access Vermont death, birth and marriage records through this site. These records are available online for free for Vermont residents via MyVermont.gov. You can visit https://secure.vermont.gov/myvermont/ to create a free account.

Family Search – Marriage, birth and death records from 1760 to 2003 in the state of Vermont can be accessed using this link - https://www.familysearch.org/search/. You can access and print records from this site for free.

Vermont town clerks – As mentioned earlier, the town clerks in Vermont maintain death records. So if you know which town your ancestor passed away ion, you will need to visit that town clerk office to get the death records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!