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How to Find Death Records in Florida?

Death records in modern nation-states are kept public and are nor mostly available in the form of online records. Death records are vital to many persons and other entities. That includes someone trying to find they're long lost loved one or trying to find their genealogy. It can also be used by law enforcement agencies in the course of their investigation process and can be an essential piece of evidence in a trial. It can also be of use of insurance agencies that need the public records as a piece of authentication in the release of the amount to the next of kin.

Public death records are also available in the State of Florida, and they have various ways by which they can be accessed, and the fee structure differs accordingly. The different ways by which one can request a certificate of a death record is given as follows:

Online: Florida death records can be easily accessed online through the website of Vital Check. Going to the Vital Check website, you would realize that the process is relatively simple. It would ask you on its homepage first to select the type of record you want to acquire, in this instance being the death record. This would take you to a page which would ask you what state you want to check records in, in this case being Florida. On selecting the state, it would ask you the place where it happened and give you the fee required on the next page. Upon proceeding, it would ask you the details such as on what date the death occurred and what relationship you share to the deceased.

How to Find Death Records in Florida

Please note that many third-party websites also facilitate such a process. However, Vital Check remains the one and only vendor that is sourced out by the State Government.

Phone assistance for Vital Check can be availed at 1-877-550-7330. Vital Check may charge an additional $7 fee for verifying your identity. 

Mail: The Florida govt also allows for obtaining the death record through mail. The application for the same can be downloaded, and printed out at this link. It is important to note that you should not send original documents in the mail. The mailing address is given below:

Bureau of Vital Statistics

Attn: Vital Records Section

P.O. Box 210

Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

It is important to note that the record from 2009 to present may take 4-5 days while records prior to that may require more processing time. Importantly, while requesting for a death record with the cause of death requires a valid government-issued ID card. Payment should be made to "Vital Statistics" through money order or Check. Cash is not accepted. More details and peculiarities about this process can be found at this link.

Florida Death Records
Walk-in: You can also acquire your record at the following address:

1217 N Pearl St, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Lobby Hours: M-F 8:00-4:30 Eastern Standard Time

Phone: (904) 359-6900, ext. 9000

Records that exist from 2009 up until now can be produced quickly, and could also be given to you while you wait. Records prior to that, however, demand a $10 rush fee if you want same-day delivery. Payment may be made in the form off cash, money order, check, visa or master card.

According to Florida Statutes, any person above 18 years of age can request for a death record without the cause of death by providing with the first five digits of the decadents' social security number.

If requesting for a death record with a cause then the person has to provide a valid govt-issued photo ID and will only be issued to certain persons such as a spouse, children, grandchildren, insurance companies, persons authenticated by the decadent and by a court order.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 19, 2022
Sensitive Information!