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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Indiana?

The Vital Records division of Indiana’s health department maintains and issues all public records including birth records. Registering births began in the state in 1907. You can apply for a standard birth record, which measures 8.5in by 5.5in, or a long-form certified copy measuring 8.5in by 11in. Both copies carry exact information as in the original certificate, but long-form copies include the time of birth too.

If you want to obtain an Indiana birth certificate, then you can do so in person, by mail or telephone, or online.

Find out more here about how to get a birth certificate in Indiana:

Who is Eligible to Obtain a State of Indiana Birth Certificate?

  • Parents of the birth record subject.

The applying parent’s name must appear on the record.

  • Grandparents of the subject.

The applying individual must be a parent of any of the parents listed in the record. The applicant must carry proof of relationship.

  • Sibling, grandchild or child, of the subject.

The applicant must be 18 years of age or above and must submit a relationship proof.

  • Existing spouse or a step-parent of the subject.
Indiana Birth Certificate

Applicant must submit marriage document.

  • Uncle or aunt of the subject.

Applicant must submit a relationship proof.

  • A legal guardian of the subject appointed by the court.

Applicant must submit identification and guardianship papers bearing an official seal.

  • An attorney representing the subject.

Applicant must submit identification and an authorized letter or court document.

  • Genealogists, officials representing state and federal bodies, and social agency officials, can apply in accordance with stipulated conditions.

Accepted Identification

Applicants can submit 1 Primary Identification or 2 Secondary Identification documents. Expired documents are not eligible. Driver’s license and passport are examples of valid Primary Identification. A social security card bearing your signature or a voter card are examples of Secondary Identification documents.

A complete list of valid identity documents is available here.

Obtain Indiana Birth Records in Person

  • Visit the county health department to apply in person.
  • Locate your county’s health department address here.
  • This walk-in service is one of the easiest and fastest ways to obtain birth records.

Apply for a State of Indiana Birth Certificate by Mail

  • Download application form available here.
  • Complete the form in full.
  • Enclose all essential identification, relationship proof, and authorization documents as specified.
  • Include a check or money order made payable to the health department in words as specified in the form. The current fee is $10 per certified copy.
  • Mail all the documents to:

Vital Records office

2 North Meridian St.

Indiana State Health Dept.

Indianapolis IN 46204

The processing time for orders by mail is 25 business days starting from the day the application was received.

 How to Get a Birth Certificate in Indiana

Apply for an Indiana Birth Certificate by Phone

  • Call toll-free number 601 0891, which is available 24/7.
  • Be assisted by customer service in placing your birth certificate order.
  • Make the required payment using a credit card as per instructions

Order Birth Certificate Indiana Online

There are 2 options for applicants looking to order birth records online using a credit card.

Option 1:

  • Visit VitalChek portal
  • Complete the self-explanatory instructions on the chosen portal.
  • Fax or upload documents for the identification or as relationship proof during the ordering process.
  • Make payment using a credit card. The current processing fee is $7.50. The total cost is calculated by including shipping costs and certificate fee in addition to the above processing fee. Choose expedited service for an extra charge of $21.
  • Wait for up to 5 weeks to have your order processed and your certificate shipped. An email notification will be sent to you if your certificate has been shipped.

Option 2:

  • Visit IN.gov online birth record application service.
  • Complete the ordering process according to the self-explanatory instructions.
  • Submit required documentation for identification and relationship evidence by faxing or uploading them.
  • Make payments using a credit card. The current total fee for a birth certificate is $17.52- this includes shipping and processing charges.
  • Choose expedited service at an extra cost. The extra cost depends on your area zip code.
  • Allow for up to 5 weeks for your order to realize. Processing takes 25 business days. An email notification will be sent accordingly.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!