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How to Find Death Records in Indiana?

In Indiana, the Division of Vital Records under the jurisdiction of the State Department of Health Division (ISDH) has the responsibility of issuing, as well as, maintaining certified copies of different types of vital records such as fetal, death, and birth certificates provided these events took place in the state. The Division of Vital Records under ISDH maintains all death records beginning with the deaths that occurred in 1900.

Before 1900, all death records were filed simply with the health department in the local county where a person died. For all deaths that took place between 1900 and 1917, the county and/or the city where the death occurred is needed to locate the decedent’s record. Check out all the details related to how to find, request, and get death records Indiana below:

Eligibility for Requesting a Copy of a Death Record

The law in the state of Indiana categorically needs that an individual who buys a copy of a death record should have a direct tangible interest that is described as a properly documented legal, financial, or personal interest in the death certificate. It also constitutes the decedent’s immediate family members, such as:

  • Adult brother or sisters
  • Grandparents
  • Parents

Indiana Death Records

Expenses for ordering copies of a death certificate in Indiana

The cost of the search comprises a single copy of a death record, in case the record can be located. It should be noted that the search fee is not refundable to the applicant. Also, the state will not issue any death certificate for a person whose death occurred in any other state. Any request for a copy of a death certificate should be directly made to the Office of Vital Records in the specific state where a death took place.

The cost for a copy of a death record in Indiana is 8 USD. The search fess includes the death certificate's one certified copy. Plus, for each extra copy of a certificate that you order simultaneously, the cost is 4 USD. While cash is not a recognized mode of payment, you can pay the fee through money orders or checks for copies of public death records Indiana.

Required details

  1. City and county of death
  2. Date of death
  3. Name of the person who died
  4. Total fees
  5. Complete copies of death certificates applied for
  6. Father’s name
  7. Deceased's Date of birth
  8. Delivery preference
  9. Phone number, mailing address, and name of the applicant
  10. The relationship between the deceased and the applicant
  11. Mother’s maiden name
  12. Name of father
  13. Photocopy of a valid photo ID issued by the state, government, or military
how to find Indiana Death Records

Ways to order Indiana Death Certificate:

There are four distinct ways to request copies of these public records in the state of Indiana:

1. Walk-up services offered by the local Health Department
The option enables a convenient and fast way to order copies of death records in the state. You should get in touch with the LHD or local Health Department in the specific county where the death occurred.

2. Apply to ISDH for death records online
It is a choice of utilizing the facility of using Vital Records Online to buy copies of death certificates from the State Department of Health of Indiana. You can apply for online death records by using your credit card. After the order is complete, the copy will be sent across electronically within the next working day for processing to the government agency.

3. Apply for a copy via mail
The option permits you to pay through money order or check. Form 49606 has to be printed and mailed for applying for a copy of a death certificate.

4. Order via phone
It is another way to order your copies of death records. You can get support from the customer service to get assistance from a reputable 3rd party organization.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!