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How To Obtain Court Records In The State Of Kentucky?

If someone thinks that the job of the courts ends with hearing cases and pronouncing judgments, he or she cannot be more wrong. In fact, courts have a lot of other tasks as well. The most important among them is to keep their records in a proper manner and maintaining them. But all the records that are kept and maintained by courts are not for public scrutiny.

A few are open or public records because they can be accessed by the general public. Some other records such as questions that are used for examinations for giving licenses, the formulas courts use for appraising real estate properties, records pertaining to investigations that are currently being undertaken, and records of personal nature by accessing which others may be invading the personal privacy are not available for public scrutiny.

Before embarking upon Kentucky court records search, let us look at how and where these records can be accessed. A wide range of subject areas are covered by Kentucky state court records and therefore, people can search for the records they require for various purposes. To quote an example, a Kentucky citizen can look for the relevant records that can guide him or her to find the residences of his or her ancestors, to know their financial details, identities, financial status, or to know more about the relationships.

Kentucky Court Records

But Kentucky court records differ from one county to another county in terms of quality and volumes. The original records of the courts are generally kept at the courthouse of every county of the state in the form of bound books or as folders. Some of the records are copied on microfilm. In certain cases, abstracts of the court records are published. In short, the courthouses of the counties have the most accurate and complete records.

Where are the Court Records of the State of Kentucky available?

Almost all the microfilmed copies of the court records of the counties of the state are available at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. As far as the transcribed records are concerned, they are available at the University of Kentucky Library, Filson Library, the Kentucky Historical Society, and the FHL. A few of the published and transcribed records are available at the regional and local libraries also.

Let us now look at a few details about some of the court records of the state. These details may be of help if you are wondering "how to get court records in Kentucky."

Kentucky Public Court Records

Kentucky State Land Records

If someone wants to do their search of the land records like grants or surveys, they have to look at the indexes in the Land Office of the Secretary of State. This land office is keeping and maintaining a complete record of all the original papers pertaining to the lands granted in Kentucky or willed in the state. The same records in the form of microfilms are kept at The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives and the Kentucky Historical Society. As far as deed books from the year 1796 to the year 1835 are concerned, they are available at the Kentucky Court of Appeals. Even records of earlier periods are also available at this place.

State Probate Records

Records pertaining to wills and settlements of estates and also case records that involve orphans, guardianships, and apprenticeships are normally kept at the courthouses of the counties under the heading "probate records." Some of the probate records pertaining to earlier periods are available along with the general court disputes and proceedings at the circuit courts.

A few of the transcriptions of early wills are available at The Kentucky Historical Society and the Filson Library. A few microfilm copies and transcriptions are kept at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, University of Kentucky Library, Kentucky Historical Society, the FHL, and the Filson Library.

How to Obtain the Court Records in the State of Kentucky.

If you want to obtain Kentucky court records online, you have to visit the website of the particular court or the library and apply for it. You can visit the offices in person as well and submit your application for obtaining the court records you need.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!