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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Maryland?

Birth records are public records that mention the date of birth of an individual. The birth certificate is an important record that lists out the date of birth and is thus an important document. While entering into school, or applying for a passport, the birth certificate may be required as proof of a person’s age.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Maryland?

In the State of Maryland, one can get the birth certificate from the Maryland Department of Health. If you want to get a Maryland birth certificate, then the following information will be helpful.

Who Can Apply?

A birth certificate can be applied by:

  • The person whose name is mentioned on the certificate.
  • The parent(s) whose name is on the Maryland Birth Records.
  • A guardian appointed by the court.
  • A representative of any of the above with due authorization.
  • The surviving spouse of the person.
Maryland Birth Certificate
Application Process

It is possible to order birth certificate Maryland by mail, phone, online, or in person. In either of these cases, a government photo ID card, like the passport, driving license, or military ID card must be produced. In case, this is not available then two other alternate documents need to be produced that could be a pay stub, income tax return, car registration, bank statement, lease agreement, or utility bill.

If you want to apply through mail, you can download the application form from https://health.maryland.gov/vsa/Documents/Certificates/Birth/birth%20cert%20appl_20170627.doc and fill it in. You need to attach the proof of identification and mail the application to:

Division of Vital Records

P. O. Box 68760

Baltimore, MD 21215-0036

You need to pay the fees to obtain the State of Maryland birth certificate. The fee to be paid is $10, which can be paid by check or money order in the name of Division of Vital Records.

To apply online, you can visit the website of VitalChek, which is the authorized agency for handling online applications. You can visit https://www.vitalchek.com/vital-records/maryland/maryland-vital-records to apply online.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Maryland

The application form needs to be filled online and the identification documents uploaded. The fee can be paid by credit card. Apart from the $10, online processing fee of $11.75 needs to be paid. If you want expedited shipping, you can pay $18.50.

Application over the phone is possible and you need to call (410) 764 3038. Follow the instruction on the phone, where you would be asked to verify your identity and provide all your details so that the application form would be generated. Once this is done, you can provide your credit card details for payment. The fee is $10 for the certificate and $11.75 for phone processing. Expediting shipping is possible, by paying an additional fee of $18.50.

To apply in person, you can visit the Department of Vital Records at 6764B, Reisterstown Road, Baltimore and fill the application online and submit it. You can provide your identity proof and pay $10 by cash, check, or money order. Once you complete the process, you can get the certificate on the same day. If you are not in Baltimore, you can visit the local health department to apply for the birth certificate and get it in person.

Receiving the Birth Certificate

When applying in person, you can get the birth certificate immediately. If you don’t have a photo ID, then the process may be delayed. It takes 10 – 12 business days to get the certificate if you apply online or by phone, expedited shipping can get you the certificate in 5 to 7 business days. Mail applications will need 3 to 4 weeks.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!