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How to Find Death Records in Minnesota?

It is the responsibility of the Office of Vital records to maintain Minnesota death records. Since 1997, all deaths are registered in the state electronically.

Death records Minnesota begin in 1908 so in case one needs a copy of a death certificate before these years; they need to get in touch with the vital records office of the county where the death took place.

Where can you get Public Death Records Minnesota?

All vital records offices, as well as the state Department of Health of Minnesota, have these public records. However, only the county's vital records offices offer walk-in services. On the other hand, a copy of the death record can be also procured through the mail from county and state offices. Fax or mail services are also offered by the state office. However, the Office of Vital Records of Minnesota does not offer the service of getting a copy of the record by simply walking in.

You can search for online death records by going to the “Minnesota People Records Search” page. As it is a common search page for all kinds of vital records, make sure you tick the checkbox for “Death Records” and uncheck all the other options.

Minnesota Death Records
The Death Record online Search can list all:

  1. a) Death certificates between 1998 and 2001
  2. b) Death cards between 1904 and 1907
In-person Service

You can visit any of the county's vital records office of Minnesota for death records between 1997 to present. Death records before 1997 can be accessed only through the Office of Vital Records in Minnesota or through the county of death. Death records before 1908 can be procured only from the county of death in the state.

Apply by mail or fax

You can send your request through mail or fax it to the state Office of Vital records when the requested death record falls within 1998 to present. You should put your signature on the application for death certificated and put the proper death in the presence of a notary public. The requestor should make the payment through credit card, money order, or check.

How do you get your requested Death Certificate in the State of Minnesota?

Irrespective of where a requestor goes to procure a death certificate in Minnesota, they have to fill up an application. A PDF form for Death Certification Application & Instructions can be used for ordering a certificate. The requestor has put the date and his/her signature in the presence of the notary public as mentioned before.

Death Records in Minnesota

Legal requirements to be fulfilled to obtain a copy of the Certified Death Certificate

  1. A valid ID proof should be furnished
  2. An application has to be completed for requesting a death certificate
  3. The applicant should put his/her signature on the application
  4. A copy of the death certificate will be only processed when the user has a tangible interest
  5. The requestor has to pay 13 USD as the fee. However, for every additional copy, there is an extra charge of 6 USD. Also, fees paid once are non-refundable in nature

Payment is must to procure a copy of Death Certificate in Minnesota

All applications for copies of death certificates will be returned by the Office of Vital Records in Minnesota that are without the signatures in the presence of the notary public, are incomplete, or not accompanied by full payment while making the application.

A period of about 6 weeks is usually the duration for your request for a copy of a death certificate to be processed. The office mails the certificates by First-Class Mail. Extra fees have to be paid for faster shipping and service.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!