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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Mississippi?

Mississippi court records are filed every time a person goes to court. These records are often public records and are available to the citizens of Mississippi upon request. The Mississippi State Law makes it mandatory that all court records be published online, so it is accessible to the public. The lawmakers believe that the public should know what is happening around them, and thus, feel that the citizens should have access to documents like court records.

Mississippi Court Records

While Mississippi court records are openly available to anyone, the ones who mostly search for them are business owners who want to verify the details of their job applicants. So, such records are often used for purposes like employment, rental agreements, security clearances, and other official businesses or FCRA certified services. Mississippi court records include records of various court proceedings against criminals, arrests, records of felony and misdemeanor, traffic violations, information about registered offenders, divorce records, and marriage records.

Mississippi State Court Records

Mississippi Court Records Search

The website of the Mississippi County Clerk hosts local court records. So, by logging into their website, you can find information regarding various trials and court proceedings with the help of these records. All you need to do is pick one county for which you want to search for the files, and hit the search button. Once you do that, the site lists all the available court records from that county, and you can get information regarding the court records of that specific county. The site also explains the different terms and conditions you must agree upon to access these records. So, in this way, you can search for Mississippi court records online.

Searching for Mississippi State Court Records

The official Mississippi State Judiciary Website also offers information on Mississippi court records. So, you can search for records of each county on this website too. Make sure you use specific names of people so that you can find court records for them in case they exist. Also, make sure to spell their names correctly. If you still can't see any court records for the said individual, then it means there are no records for that person, or there are no court proceedings against him or her.

It's free and legal to search for court records in the state of Mississippi. Anyone who goes to court for any reason must acknowledge that information regarding the same would be made available to the public. So, if you want to know about someone who has gone to court for any reason, it would be available on the Internet.

Mississippi Court Records Search
All Mississippi Court Records are Public Records

The Mississippi Electronic Courts (MEC) pilot project makes sure that the different courts of the counties of Mississippi, including Madison, Warren, and Scott counties use electronic systems for filing various types of court records. The electronic filing method has been adopted to ensure that all court records in Mississippi are made public records, and are available to those who seek them. The pilot project is also expanding to courts in other counties, including the Chancery courts in the counties of DeSoto, Harrison, Holmes, and Yazoo. There is a plan to expand the project to other counties as well.

Getting court records is a legal right of every citizen of Mississippi. And so, the state is going forward with projects like the Mississippi Electronic Courts pilot project. It has also made it mandatory for all court records in Mississippi are made public records which anyone can access. While the MEC does grant access to court records, a citizen of Mississippi should note that this system is only secondary and is by no means a substitute for the online equivalent.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!