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How to Get a Birth Certificate in Nebraska?

Registration of births and deaths began across the different states of the United States of America in 1904. This compilation was completed by 1920. There are many ways to get a birth certificate in Nebraska. One such way is to pay a visit to the Nebraska State Office, situated in the Lincoln GOLD's Galleria building on the 10th and N street in Lincoln, Nebraska. This office holds many official public records, including birth, death, marriage, as well as divorce certificates.

Other ways to get a Nebraska Birth Certificate

There are four different ways to get access to public records such as a Birth Certificate in Nebraska, besides the one mentioned above.

  • The Online Method

One of the most popular ways of getting a birth certificate in the state of Nebraska is through the online mode. You will need to fill out an online form on the official Nebraska Government website to order the birth certificate. However, you must still know fully well and comply with the state's 'Proper Purpose Regulations.' Under normal circumstances, you may need a registrant, another member of the registrant's family, or even a legal representative of the registrant. A Nebraska Birth Certificate usually costs around $17 to obtain. And there are no discounts you can avail. Also, you must present a valid copy of an identity card such as your driver's license, other state or military ID, or your passport.

  • Obtaining the Nebraska Birth Certificate in person

If the above method of getting the Nebraska birth records sounds like a bother, you can always go to the Vital Records office, situated in Lincoln, carrying all the necessary documents and information for the purpose and get the birth records by paying the appropriate fee, either by cash, check or money order. Money orders and checks are usually payable to 'Vital Records.'

  • Getting Nebraska Birth Records through mail

You can also try emailing the duly filled application form along with a legal self-addressed stamped envelope and the check or money order.

  • Ordering Nebraska Birth Certificate via Phone

To order the Nebraska Birth Certificate by phone, you must first have your credit card information in place. You must then dial the toll-free number and place the order. The service, called VitalChek is an official one, authorized and run by the Nebraska Vital Statistics. It allows for the safe ordering of Nebraska Birth Records. While there are other online services for the same, all of them are not safe. Also, they may even charge some additional fees. VitalChek is an official Government-run service and has been around for over 25 years. So, it ensures that all records are safely delivered to those seeking them. The service has been deemed Number one for ordering vital records in all of the United States and is fast, safe and easy to use.

The significant features of the service include:

  • A simple, step-by-step ordering procedure.
  • Faster and more secure ordering, processing and delivery of services.
  • Secure ordering process equipped with an identity protection feature.

The copies of Birth Certificates issued by the Nebraska Division of Vital Records are genuine and certified. They are often available from the year 1904 onwards and are issued only when the purpose stated for seeking them is satisfying enough. So, make sure you have enough reason to request such records before applying for them. Nebraska Birth Records can be sought via the internet or through the phone.

The payment should be made using only through check or money order and should be in the name of 'Vital Records.' Various pieces of information like the child's full name present in the records, the month, day and year of birth, city or town of birth, and country of birth, father's name in full, mother's name in full, and other documents like a valid identity proof are required for obtaining these records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!