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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Nebraska?

Accessing one’s Nebraska court records online is quite simple. The Nebraska State government has introduced a novel service that enables its citizens to access over 7.1 million statewide court case files via a single mouse click.

This service is termed the Nebraska Court Case One-Time Searches. Nebraska residents may look at their court records from 92 district courts and 93 county courts. This service is part of a joint venture between the Nebraska government and the State Court Administrator.

Introduced in 2005, it provides residents with fast and seamless access to their large volume of public records via Nebraska.gov. On the Nebraska government’s official website, this service is called the JUSTICE subscription service. Before such an undertaking was launched, most citizens were able to gain access to their Nebraska court records by repeatedly contacting by email, phone, or visits to the courthouse.

They also had to know the district court or county where the case was heard and contact that particular county accordingly. Even after submitting a request for this court record, a quick response was not a guarantee. Considering the Nebraska justice system receives more than 62,000 court record requests each month, a better and more efficient method was developed. According to State Administrator Janice K. Walker, these features give the general public the right to access their records with speed and convenience. It is in keeping with the citizen's right to access public records.

The One Time Search service enables citizens to quickly and conveniently access their court information via the internet, all day and for seven days of the week. Citizens can make a payment online using any major credit card to access their Nebraska State court records.

How to Obtain Court Records in State of Nebraska
Where Can you Access your Court Records?

Visit the Nebraska State government’s website: https://www.nebraska.gov/justicecc/ccname.cgi

What Types of Information Can You Expect to Find?

With the new JUSTICE system feature, all users may access the following details during a Nebraska court records search:

- Information on the Case: outcome of the case, the date it was heard, name of the judge, what the case entailed, etc.

-Court Fees Information associated with the case

- Party Listing: names of the witnesses, defendants, plaintiffs, associated attorneys

- Register of Actions that occurred during, before and after the case

- Payments made to and by the court

Nebraska Court Records
How Are Payments Made?

Citizens may pay for access to their court records using their MasterCard or Visa.

What is the Cost of Searching for Records?

The fee is $15 per search, even if it yields no search results.

What Details Do You Need to Perform a Search?

Users need to provide the full name, middle name, county details, date of birth, case type, and year of hearing. This information will help narrow the search results. A majority of searches are conducted using the name of the parties involved. You may narrow your search by the criteria listed.

The system will list up to 30 matching cases related to your search criteria.

Once your search efforts result in retrieval of the court record you want, the details of the case will be made available to you for up to three calendar days.

What Types of Information Can You Expect to Find?

On the JUSTICE search portal, citizens may access civil, juvenile, criminal, probate, and traffic cases filed in all of Nebraska’s district and county courts. 24-hour lag time is applicable for when a new court record is entered into the JUSTICE system and when it can be retrieved through the search.

For access to Supreme Court case records, please visit PACER; Public Access to Court Electronic Records.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!