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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Alabama?

In modern democracies, records of any kind are vital not only to government agencies but also to the citizens at large. records may be of any kind, they may be birth or death records, or they may be an arrest or criminal charge records, or they may be court records. They serve an important purpose in that law enforcement agencies use them extensively in their investigation processes. They are also an important instrument to ensure that citizens have the right to access information, so they can use the information in the way they wish to, in accordance with the law.

That is the exact reason why most nation-states keep public records which are easily accessible and can be utilized by the general public. Online records provision has helped realize this dream to a greater unprecedented extent. One of these records is court records which we are going to talk about extensively today, especially in Alabama. Court records are a vital piece of information and contain the previous decisions taken by the respective courts. The State of Alabama has the Supreme Court at the apex with several districts, small claims court and civil courts inferior to it. Since the United States follows a federal polity, every state has a Supreme Court.

Alabama Court Records

Alabama State Court records can be accessed via walk-ins or via the internet. The Supreme Court of Alabama is located at the following address:

Supreme Court of Alabama

300 Dexter Avenue

Montgomery, Alabama 36104

(334) 229-0700

Alabama court records online can be accessed at  https://alabama.staterecords.org/. A quick glance at the website would tell you that it is a repository of various records, may it be criminal records, court records, background checks, or other vital records such as birth or death records. It also specifies why the State of Alabama has made the records public and accessible to all. The homepage also allows for a quick search of records, however, this search is very broad as it would contain not only court records but other records as well. This is more likely to be time-consuming.

The homepage, therefore, allows you an option to narrow your search down to court records only, which is available at the bottom of the search bar. Clicking on the option of court records would take you to another search bar, which is narrower this time around. The page also contains details of how Alabama's judiciary functions, and what cases can be appealed in which court. The new search bar gives you three options, to enter the first name, last name and the city in which he/she presumably resides.

Alabama State Court Records

When you put in the name, the next page would tell you at all the records that it is looking at, from police, county, city, court, and state records the search would take about one or two minutes depending on the circumstances. After waiting for a short while, the next page would be in detail and would carry all people with similar names. It would not only show you your search with the relevant cities but also would show you data about other cities as well. This gives you a comprehensive search since there is a chance that you might be a bit foggy on the details.

The search would show up possible criminal records, court records, arrests and would contain a report against each of the names that have popped up based on the search. If you are satisfied with one of these reports, then you must click on 'download report', which would take you to a payment gateway. The page would showcase you all the records that would be enclosed in your report, from sex offender charges, court cases, lockups, civil charges, etc and would entail a meager of about $5, depending on circumstances.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!