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How to Get a Birth Certificate in New Hampshire?

The Vital Records office of New Hampshire issues and maintains public records including birth records of the people of the state. Members of the public, researchers, hospitals and other entities, can obtain a New Hampshire birth certificate provided they qualify for the process. However; there are no restrictions on birth records that are over 100 years old.

Who can Apply for a copy of New Hampshire Birth Records?

The state permits any individual or entity with a direct, clear and understandable interest in the record subject to apply for a State of New Hampshire birth certificate. The individual must provide appropriate proof that demonstrates such interest.

  • The subject of the record – the individual in whose name the birth certificate is registered.
  • A direct family member of the subject record, including a parent, son, daughter, sibling, spouse, grandparent or great grandparent, nephew or niece, or a former spouse. Cousins are not considered a direct family member.
  • A legal guardian.
  • A physician, attorney or any other individual with a legal authorization to represent the record subject or his or her family. Such representatives must submit their legitimate interest in writing and proof to demonstrate their interest.
  • Members of news media including television, press, and radio, that qualify for application may receive access if the information they seek through such records is public in nature.
  • Members of research entities and of local, state or federal agencies may have access to New Hampshire birth records if they demonstrate that such information will be used for legitimate purposes.

The above definition excludes commercial agencies as they do not have a direct and clear interest in obtaining the subject’s birth record.

New Hampshire Birth Certificate

What Identification Must an Applicant Submit?

Any picture identification, including any of these:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Any other picture identification issued by the government

If you are unable to produce a picture identification, then you must complete a form to inform that you do not possess valid picture identification. You must also sign and submit 2 photocopies of any of the following supporting documents:

  • Social security card
  • Utility bills
  • Personal check bearing your current address
  • An income tax return copy
  • Bank statements
  • Rent or a lease agreement
  • Any other documentation specified here.

If you are submitting any one of the supporting documents above, then ensure that one of them has your current address. If none of the documents carry your current address, then download and fill a notarization form available here, and submit it along with the application.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in New Hampshire?

1) Obtain a New Hampshire Birth Certificate in Person

  • Visit the Vital Records office in Concord located on 71 South Fruit Street (now 9 Ratification Way), any day from Monday to Friday between 8:30.a.m and 3:30.p.m.

You can also visit your local clerk office. All 234 clerk offices of New Hampshire issue birth certificates.

  • Obtain a birth certificate application form from the office. You can also download the Vital Records birth certification form and visit the office with a completed form.
  • Carry valid photo identification or supporting documents as applicable.
  • Pay the required fee. The current fee is $15 per copy.
  • Receive the certificate the same day.

2) Get a New Hampshire Birth Certificate by Mail

  • Download a birth certificate application form here.
  • Complete the form.
  • Enclose a picture identification or 2 supporting documents with a notarization form as applicable.
  • Enclose payment of $15. You could use a money order or personal check made payable to the Treasurer, New Hampshire State.

Call the Vital Records office at 603 271 4650 between 8:00.a.m and 4:30.p.m for updated information.

If you are mailing to your local clerk office, use a payment method as applicable.

  • Enclose a stamped envelope with your address.
  • Mail the package to the following address if you are mailing it to Vital Records:

New Hampshire State Department

Vital Records

9 Ratification Way


New Hampshire 03301

  • Allow a period of 20 days from the day on which the mail was received to have your request processed.Order Birth Certificate New Hampshire

3) Order Birth Certificate New Hampshire Online

There are 2 options to apply online.

Option 1

  • Visit the birth certificate application portal.
  • Select your town.
  • Complete the form presented on the screen.
  • Include picture identification or supporting documents as applicable. Send the required documents to your respective city or town clerk office by mail or email.
  • Choose a shipping method. You can select standard shipping or expedited shipping, which makes overnight delivery, for an extra fee.
  • Make the required payment using a credit card. The total cost includes standard certificate fee, which is currently $15, online transaction fee and shipping fee.
  • Wait for the respective days according to your chosen shipping method to have your certificate delivered.

Option 2

  • Visit the birth certification application portal.
  • Choose to apply for your own or another individual’s certificate.
  • Complete the ordering process according to the self-explanatory instructions.
  • Upload required documents for the identification or fax them, according to instructions.
  • Choose your shipping method.
  • Make the necessary payment using a credit card.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!