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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of New Hampshire?

It is good that governments of countries have put in place various mechanisms for ensuring the safety of their citizens by preventing crimes from happening. But at the same time, they should constantly keep monitoring the mechanisms because such an approach alone will help in checking if the processes are working well or if there are any frailties in them, and if they need any tinkering or finetuning. Apart from checking if the existing mechanisms are working in the right manner and are producing the right results, governmental authorities should not hesitate to introduce new ones as well, if there is a need. In other words, governments should always be on their toes for providing their citizens with maximum security.

Even while taking all the steps required for persevering to take care of the safety of their citizens constantly, the law enforcing agencies do other types of work as well. Though every such task is essential, maintaining the records is more important because it provides a lot of insights that help in evolving strategies and planning and implementing the ideas. So, every law enforcing department, including the courts, maintain their records. This applies to every country, including the USA. In the USA, the Federal Courts are keeping records, and at the same time, courts of the states of the country are also maintaining their records. Let us now look at a few details about the court records of the state of New Hampshire and how we can obtain these court records.

New Hampshire Court Records
How Will the Court Records of the State of New Hampshire Help You?

New Hampshire court records seem to be all-encompassing, which means they cover a wide range of subjects. Hence, those who want to access such public records either for their research or for various other purposes such as finding land ownership, taxes, naturalizations, and so on can obtain them by doing a focused search. For example, if you want to find the residences of your ancestors, know their occupations, financial information, their status as citizens, and the exact relationships between you and them, you can rely upon these records.

A Brief Background about the Court Records of the State

A point to keep in mind is that New Hampshire State court records vary widely from one county to another in terms of volumes and quality. Therefore, your plans for making your New Hampshire Court Records Search should be based on the county in which you are embarking on your search.

How to get court records in the state of New Hampshire?

If "how to get court records in New Hampshire?" is the question that is haunting your mind, you will find the following information useful.

Earlier, people had to search for the records they required manually. But now,

The situation is entirely different, thanks to the advent of the Internet and the Web World. This means searching for New Hampshire Court Records Online is now possible. In other words, having the details you want is more accessible nowadays than in the past. So, regardless of whether you need naturalization details or those pertaining to criminal, civil, or equity cases, you can do your search online. But remember that naturalization records are available on the files of the superior courts of the counties of the state.

New Hampshire Court Records Search

As far as the divorce records are concerned, the Bureau of Vital Records started indexing them since the latter part of the 19th century. It is the superior courts of the counties that generally hold these records but a few of them, more particularly, those of the earlier years, can be found as a part of legislative petitions.

The New Hampshire Records and Archives has been maintaining an index of the records of the provincial court till 1771. But records of the periods after that year have been generally taken possession of by the county seats. Though card indexes have been provided for a few of the defendant records and the plaintiff records for helping the researchers, several records of the county seats have been moved to the New Hampshire Records and Archives.

Court records and microfilmed docket books pertaining to the counties of Strafford, Merrimack, and Grafton are available in the New Hampshire State Library. The New Hampshire Records and Archives and the FHL are holding court records of various types as well as indexes even from the colonial times.

Land Records of the State

It was in Exeter where the provincial land deeds used to be filed until the year 1771. But a few land deeds were also filed in Ipswich. A few other deeds such as those of the Norfolk County used to be filed in Salem, Massachusetts. The New Hampshire Records and Archives still has the first 100 volumes of the deeds that were filed in Exeter.

It was during the year 1769. Counties were created in the state. Therefore, after 1771, all the land transactions are being recorded only in the county seats except in Stafford County. Every county office has grantee as well as grantee volume indexes organized chronologically and also by their town names. Therefore, these can be useful for identifying the exact land ownerships.

how to get New Hampshire Court Records
Probate Records of the State of New Hampshire

The probate records for the period between 1636 and 177, that was the colonial era used to be filed in Portsmouth and Exeter. But these records are now available in the New Hampshire Records and Archives. For the probate records for towns near the border of Massachusetts, researchers have to search in the records pertaining to the Massachusetts county. But after the formation of counties, probate records are being filed only at the respective county seats.

Tax Records of the State of New Hampshire

Unfortunately, the tax records that are available at various locations of the state are not fully surveyed, nor are they thoroughly indexed. But researchers can contact the town clerks or look into the minutes of the town meetings, archives, repositories, or manuscript collections for researching tax records. Since annual assessments feature the names of the property owners or business owners of the New Hampshire state, researchers can get information such as the number of male citizens of voting age, animals, milling products, details of the land acreage and so on.

The originals of the non-resident taxpayers during the period between 1849 and 1974 are available at the New Hampshire Records and Archives. Microfilmed copies of these are also available.

Immigration & Naturalization Records of the State of New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Historical Society, The New Hampshire State Library, and the American-Canadian Genealogical Society Library have all the valuable records pertaining to immigrants into the state.

In a nutshell, if you want to access New Hampshire State Court Records, you have to visit the website of the county seats and also the state's relevant departments. These are the right places from which you can get the information you are looking for.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 29, 2021
Sensitive Information!