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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of New Jersey?

People living in the state of New Jersey have the right to access different public records as well as court records or seek out information related to court proceedings, trials, arrests, and more. But this right in no way means they can access or use sensitive information about the cases to change or impact their outcomes. If you want court records in the state of New Jersey, the best place to look would be the courthouses themselves. You can place a request for these records, and the court clerk will hand them over to you once he or she verifies or authenticates the request.

New Jersey Court Records

The New Jersey Court Rule 1.38 specifies the details regarding public access to court records. According to this rule, the public has the right to access every piece of information present in the court records. The only parts of the documents that are inaccessible to the public are the jury questionnaires, civil commitment records, records of child sexual abuse victims, search warrants, grand jury proceedings, and most of the family division records.

Furthermore, a court is authorized to withhold any of the records at its sole discretion if it has enough reason to do so. The reasons are usually determined for each document and must carry more weight than the grant of access.

Court records and other court documents like Civil Division and Chancery General Equity Records, Special Civil Part Records, Criminal Division Records, and Municipality Records are usually available to the public unless stated otherwise by the Supreme Court.

New Jersey Court Records

Types of Court Records

There are different types of court records available as public records. These records are categorized depending upon the type of authentication, and such authentication determines which records are open to the public. The different kinds of court record copies include:

  • Plain Copy

Plain copies are regular photocopies of the documents.

  • Certified Copy

Certified copies of court records usually have a stamp affixed and contain the signature or attestation of the court clerk or deputy clerk.

  • Court Seal

The seal of the Superior Court Clerk may be affixed to a certified copy of the court records.

  • Exemplified Copy

An exemplified copy consists of both the clerk's attestation and a court seal together with the judge's certificate. The judge's certification states that the attestation duly made is in the correct format. Such copies of court records are usually sought when the document is proved or admitted in other courts across the United States as well as its territories and possessions.

New Jersey Public Court Records

  • Triple Exemplified Copy

A Triple Exemplified Copy contains certification along with attestation and a court seal. The judge then certifies and verifies the form of attestation made. The Clerk must then certify as to the authority provoked by the judge.

  • Apostille

Apostilles attest the legal status of selected public officials like judges, court clerks, and county clerks. They are generally used in cases involving the Hague Treaty and are processed by the New Jersey Division of Revenue. The person who requests a copy of an Apostille must first receive an exemplified copy from the Superior Court Clerk's Office. He or she must then forward the same to the Division of Revenue.

There is a nominal fee charged for authenticating a copy of the court records. This fee is in addition to a written request that is duly submitted by the person seeking the court record copies. But in case you want access to sealed records, the authorities must prove that such documents must remain sealed and shan't be disclosed.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!