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How to Find Death Records in New Jersey?

Death records are legal documents that give vital information about the death of an individual. These records are usually signed and attested by a coroner or a medical examiner who performed the autopsy on the body of the deceased. Death records can either be certified or non-certified. New Jersey Death Records that are certified can be used for various legal purposes. However, non-certified records are only meant for information.

Details in Public Death Records New Jersey

Public death records New Jersey have information that includes the cause and time and date of the death as well as the age of the deceased at the time of the death. These records also have detail on the deceased’s occupation, his parents’ names and places of birth, some records even have the race of the deceased.

How to Find Death Records in New Jersey

Uses of Death Records

1. As soon as an individual passes away, the family needs to get a death certificate so that they can go ahead with the funeral service and cremation or burial. A funeral service cannot be held without a death certificate being issued by a coroner.

2. Death records are necessary if the body of the deceased needs to be flown to a different location for the funeral to be held. Airlines will refuse to accept a body if there are no duly signed death records.

3. In order to settle any insurance claims of the deceased, it is important for the family, or the nominee to provide certified death records.

4. Death records are a requirement to settle any real estate related dealings of the deceased. The succession of property to the next of kin needs a death certificate. Death records can be required even years after the passing of an individual in order to settle real estate-related deals.

New Jersey Death Records

How to Find Death Records in New Jersey?

If you are wondering how to find death records in New Jersey, then it is not quite difficult. There are various ways in which you can access these public records. Online death records are also available, making it all the easier. New Jersey began statewide registration of deaths in 1848, so if you are looking for death certificates from after 1848, you will have no trouble. There are also earlier records that have been extracted from various other sources. The New Jersey State Archive has all the death records from before 1911. If you are looking for death records from after 1912, then you will have to visit the Office of Vital Statistics, New Jersey. Local registrars of each county also have records from 1848 to the present day, although quite a few records from before 1910 may not have survived and will not be available in their archive.

New Jersey Death Records Online

You can also find New Jersey death records online with a few simple searches. This death index - https://www.newjerseydeathindex.com/ - has digitized images of old death records as well as copies of newer death records. All you need to do is fill out as much information about the death of an individual that you know, and the system will help you look up the death records.

You can also use the Family Search site to get details on deaths and burials in New Jersey. Here is the link. These records, however, might be images and might not be certified copies. In order to get certified copies, you will have to visit the website of the Center for Health Statistics. You can also find an index of death records in New Jersey here.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!