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How to Find Death Records in North Dakota?

The Department of Health in the state of North Dakota has a division called the Office of Vital Records that maintains, as well as, issues all death records of people who died in the state. The division maintains all records of death between 1893 to the present.

Also, it is imperative to note that certified North Dakota death records can be accessed only by the decedent’s immediate family members whose interest in that death record is tangible.

Requirements for procuring certified death records by an eligible person in North Dakota

  1. Deceased’s full name
  2. Applicant’s telephone number, address, and name
  3. County and city of the death
  4. Relationship of the applicant with the deceased
  5. Date of death
North Dakota Death Records

In North Dakota, a person can request and procure three kinds of death records in the state of North Dakota. These are as follows:

  • A death record’s informal copy
  • Certification of death
  • A certificate stating the facts of a death

Certified death records in North Dakota

It is a kind of death record that is ready to be issued the moment a funeral home registers facts of death with North Dakota’s Office of Vital Records. However, you will not find adequate demographic details in this kind of death record. Nevertheless, the record type has the deceased’s social security number. Usually, people request this kind of death record for closing bank accounts, get airline travel on discount, or transfer property title.

North Dakota certification of death

North Dakota Office of Vital Records has the authority to issue a completed and full copy of a death record to the deceased’s immediate family members after a coroner completes the record’s medical section. A person requests for this kind of death record for purposes where the Social Security Number is needed or for insurance-related purposes.

Public death records North Dakota

It is a kind of death record, which is required and requested for genealogists. A death record’s informal copies may be issued to any person for any purpose just like a complete death record. On the other hand, such record types do not mention the deceased’s Social Security Number and the reason for death.

Death Records in North Dakota
How to obtain death records in North Dakota?

There are various ways in which a person can request and get North Dakota death records. These methods include ordering online death records, by mail, and in-person.

1. Make an in-person request

To do so, a person has to visit the North Dakota Office of Vital Records. They have to furnish evidence of their ID and also pay a fee of 5 USD.

2. Send request by mail

You can also request a copy of the North Dakota death record by mail. Simply complete the application form and then mail your request for a death record’s certified copy along with a valid photo identification copy to Bismarck, North Dakota. You have to also mail a check or a paycheck for the fee.

3. North Dakota death records online

It is also possible to request a death record online. You have to simply visit the Office of Vital Record’s website, which is a division of the Department of Health in North Dakota. Go through the instructions mentioned on the portal. The division offers easy and hassle-free application for copies of death records online. The application process is simpler and less tedious as compared to other ways to obtain a copy of the death record in the state of North Dakota, thanks to the company’s user-friendly online assistance.

You can also get these North Dakota public records via online public databases.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on July 6, 2022
Sensitive Information!