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How to Find Death Records in Oregon?

According to Oregon law, there is a requirement of permanent recording and registration of all kinds of vital events like marriages, births, divorces, deaths, and fetal deaths. The state of Oregon regards all these as legal records that document a vital event.

It is crucial to get and show certified copies of the vital records to obtain a driver’s license, social security benefits, and many other legal documents including passports. The Office of Vital Records in Oregon, which is also referred to as the CHS or Center for Health Statistics is the place to visit if you wish to obtain copies of death records in the state of Oregon. The Revised Statute & Administrative Rule of Oregon governs the entire process.

Read on to get acquainted with all the details related to procuring Oregon death records including, expenses, eligibility, and other details including the place for applying.

Oregon Death Records

In Oregon, the people mentioned below can only request copies of death certificates. For them, these records are considered to be public records:

1. Immediate family members

2. Government agencies

3. Legal representatives of family members

4. Organizations or persons with property or personal right

Also, while ordering a copy of a death certificate in Oregon, the applicant should mention his/her relationship with the registrant. Alternatively, they can also mention the purpose of requiring the death record. When you have been appointed as a family member’s legal representative, make sure you state who you are representing, as well as, what is their relationship with the deceased.


In Oregon, the charge to track a death record is 20 USD that includes the death certificate’s 1 certified copy. For every extra copy of the death certificate that you order simultaneously, you have to pay another 15 USD. Money orders and checks are accepted as payment modes but cash is not acceptable. The only exception is when requests for public death records Oregon are made in person. The fees you pay are nonrefundable but charges for extra copies are refunded when the record cannot be located.

Required details

1. Place of death

2. Applicant’s relationship with the dead person

3. Date of death

4. Name of the person that appears on the death certificate

5. Spouse

6. Applicant’s address, name, and phone number

7. A photocopy of valid photo ID issued by the government

8. The purpose of requesting the death record

Oregon Death Records search

Submitting a request

In case a death took place within 6 months, get in touch with the Office of Vital Records in that county where the person died. On the other hand, when the death took place more than 6 months ago, the certificate can be ordered from the Oregon Office of Vital Records.

1. Request by mail

An interested person can mail the completed application form along with the necessary fee to the Oregon Vital Records Office located in Portland, Oregon.

2. Request in-person

A person can also visit the Office of Vital Records situated in Portland, Oregon in-person to request a copy of a death certificate in the state. The office is operational from Monday to Friday and from 8 am until 4.30 pm.

3. Request for Oregon death records online

The Health Department of the state has tied up with Vital Check to process online death records in the state of Oregon. Visit the website www.vitalchek.com and go through the instructions mentioned there. You can fill up the application form online and make your payment online using your debit or credit card. Typically, the copy of the record is shipped within 3 business days except when a record issue unfolds. There are restrictions on access and the applicant’s identity is screened using his/her Social Security Number.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!