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How to Obtain Court Records in State of Rhode Island?

Two laws enable individuals to access their court records and public records. These are the Freedom of Information Act or FOI and the Rhode Island Access to Public Records Act or APRA. The federal law applies to access records kept by federal agencies, and the latter is used to records maintained by municipal and state agencies. Both acts exist to provide residents of Rhode Island easy access to their Rhode Island court records at will. Any records held by the local or state government can be easily accessed and copied by residents of Rhode Island. Both laws were passed on endorsing transparency and protecting government responsibility.

How to Get Court Records in Rhode Island?

The Rhode Island Judiciary Public Portal enables residents to look for Rhode Island court records online. This is an extensive judiciary database which all Rhode Island court records. This information may be accessed in two ways, either from the courthouse itself or remotely. The Public Portal is a massive electronic collection of public documents which are listed as dockets or register of actions.

Both list case events, parties’ names, activities that occurred in the case in chronological order, document filings made during proceedings, etc. Access to these dockets or register of actions depends on the roles and security rights defined by the Request for Access to Case Information and the Rhode Island Judiciary Data Subscription Agreement.

Rhode Island Court Records Search
How Can You Access Court Orders in Rhode Island?

Remote Access

Visit https://publicportal.courts.ri.gov/PublicPortal/Home/Dashboard/29. This a direct link to the Rhode Island Judiciary Public Portal. To make a Rhode Island court records search, enter the last and first name or record number related to the court records you would like to view. Then select ‘submit.' The system will list all the court records that are linked to your search criteria.

Courthouse Access

Family courts, Workers' Compensation Courts, Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal and Superior and Supreme courts all have public computer terminals in their corresponding clerks' offices. If anyone from the public wishes to see electronic court documents filed in the case management system, they may do so during regular business hours. This includes accessing Rhode Island State court records.

Please note, public access is not granted in certain cases. Listed below, are the types of records which are subject to this exemption:

  • Personally-identifiable or personnel records that are considered confidential under state or federal law, where the release of such information may constitute an invasion of privacy
  • Child custody records, juvenile court records, adoption records are sealed by the courts and are therefore not open for discovery
  • Trade secrets
  • Tax returns
  • Collective bargaining, labor negotiation or public fund strategy reports
  • Correspondence to or of elected government officials writing in their official capacity
  • Technological secrets, law enforcement or military information; of which the disclosure might endanger public security and welfare
  • Any police records that may interfere with enforcement proceedings or investigations that may prevent a person their right to a fair trial
  • Preliminary drafts and working documents of any public bodies.

These exclusions to confidential cases, sealed documents and cases are defined in the Rhode Island Judiciary Rules of Practice Governing Public Access to Electronic Case Information.

Rhode Island State Court Records
How to Obtain a Copy of Your Court Records in Rhode Island?

To get a copy of your Rhode Island court records, visit the county clerk's office where case proceedings were held. There is a fee applicable for copying and retrieving your information. Under APRA regulations, you will not be charged more than USD 0.15 per page for regular size documents. If you wish to have a copy of the court records sent to you, you must pay for the postage.

To get in touch with the Supreme Court County Clerk's Office, you may email, telephone, or mail your request to:

Mail- Rhode Island Supreme Court

Licht Judicial Complex

250 Benefit Street

Providence, RI


Telephone- Debra Saunders, County Clerk with the Supreme Court


Email- dsaunders@courts.ri.gov

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 5, 2021
Sensitive Information!