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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Wisconsin?

Obtaining your Wisconsin court records is quite simple. It will depend on the information you have at hand about your case, the court where the case was heard, the date of the court case, etc. If you know items such as the year the case was held and the names of the people involved, the process of obtaining your court records is easy.

Wisconsin State has a friendly and opens records law. If your case was tried in Wisconsin, you can access your public records.

How to Get Court Records in Wisconsin?

Circuit Courts

Collect all the details you have about your case.

Before starting your search, write down everything you know, names, dates, court location, etc.

Visit the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Website

WCCA is a Wisconsin court records online search portal. It was made available online since 1999. It contains court cases for all circuit court in Wisconsin state. You may retrieve summary information about any case you wish. However, you won’t find actual court records here. Instead, you’ll have access to a summary of case events and any documents that were filed. Once your case is located, write or print the docket details such as the parties’ names and docket number. You will need this information to obtain actual Wisconsin state court records.

Wisconsin State Court Records

Telephone the County Clerk’s Office Where Your Case Was Held

Every county has a records center where are the court case files are stored. You may also contact the County Clerk via fax, email or mail.

Provide Your Records Request

A fee of $1.25USD is applicable for a single copy of each document. For certified copies, the fee is $5USD per page. For fees that exceed $5, the payment must be made in advance at the clerk’s office prior to record retrieval. If you want your records mailed, you will be required to pay for postage.

Records Are Sent Out

The processing time to send your records varies between 1 to 10 business days. This depends on the volume of your case.

Supreme Courts and Wisconsin Court of Appeals

Collect Information About Your Case

Similar to the procedure for Circuit Courts, write down everything you know about the case. Details such as parties’ names, the year the case was heard and location will help.

Conduct a Wisconsin Court Records Search Online

You can easily find information about your case in the Wisconsin State Law Library or the website for Wisconsin Court of Appeals. You may order copies of these briefs directly from this website.

Place An Order

If you’re unable to visit the Wisconsin State Library, you can place an order online and have them fax, mail or email your court records. A fee of $0.75 per page is applicable. Additional fees are applicable depending on how you want to receive your court records.

Court Records

Federal Courts

Gather All Information About Your Case

Similar to the procedures in Circuit Courts and the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, collect everything you know about your case. This will greatly simplify the retrieval process.

You may find court cases with summary details and filed documents for the specified case on PACER. This is an excellent place to start, particularly if you don’t have much information. This will give you the case number which is required to physically retrieve the court records.

Conduct an Online Search

For federal court opinions, the documents can be easily obtained online. For copies of court filings, you need to contact the County Clerk. The Bankruptcy Court and Western District have published their opinions online. Opinions for the Eastern District are published in limited numbers.

Submit a Records Request

Contact the County Clerk where your case was tried to obtain copies of court documents. The charge is $0.50 per page if the staff copies it for you and $0.25 per page if you make the copies.

If your case is unavailable online either through PACER or the Electronic Case Filing System, the case is considered closed. You must contact your County Clerk with your case number. You will be required to pay $64 for the records retrieval. To order archived records online, the fee is $90 for the complete case or $35 for the docket sheet.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on December 4, 2021
Sensitive Information!