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How to Obtain Court Records in the State of Wyoming?

In the State of Wyoming, having access to court records and proceedings is guaranteed by the constitution. According to Federal and State Laws, some of the types of cases are not accessible such as adoption cases and Juvenile court proceedings. In some situations, a court order may make some part of the case closed.

What Are Some Types of Wyoming Court Records?

- Traffic Citations

- Marriage Licenses

- Restraining Orders

- Misdemeanor and Felony conduct

- Divorce decrees

- Child custody agreements

- Civil law, etc.

Wyoming Court Records

How to Get Court Records in Wyoming?

1. Wyoming court records online are the quickest and easiest way to view court records. These can be seen on the Wyoming Judicial Branch website. Once you visit the site, simply enter the name(s) of the person associated with that particular case. The search results will show anything related to that person’s name, irrespective of which Wyoming county it was heard in. The records on the Judicial Branch site go back just a few decades. In case you need to do a genealogy study, you will have to visit the local courthouse to obtain copies of older records.

There is no application fee to search for public records online. However, to obtain a certified copy of Wyoming state court records, a charge will be applied. In addition, not everyone is entitled to order/obtain a certified copy of court records. Only the names of individuals listed on that particular court record are entitled to order certified copies. Examples include parents, adult children, legal representatives, etc. who may be listed in the case.

Court records filed with the Wyoming Supreme Court can be seen from the Supreme Court’s site. You may use the docket or case information number, party names and subject to perform your search.

For additional information about obtaining court records, contact the Wyoming Supreme Court County Clerk’s Office.

How to Get Court Records in Wyoming


Another method to perform a Wyoming Court records search is by visiting the Public Access to Court Electronic Records site. This is a subscription service operated by the federal judiciary. It makes all court records available to the public. Documents filed in bankruptcy courts, appellate courts (United States Supreme Court) and federal districts courts can be found here. Even though electronic filing is an optional feature for most courts, the database is fairly extensive. To search for a particular court record on PACER, you must create an account to obtain a login id. Although the fee to conduct a search is minimal, your account will be charged at $0.10 per page for 30 pages if downloaded. If you are associated with a law firm, educational institution or court, you may utilize your organization’s account. The University of Wyoming, College of Law has accounts on PACER for faculty, staff, student and the college patrons.

A Few PACER Records May be Freely Obtained Through RECAP.

3. Courport.com

This is an affordable option to obtain your court records. The Courtport portal amasses state and federal court and public records. You can find information such as filings, calendars, rulings, docket sheets and other types of public records.


This is a systematized movement that makes records listed on PACER freely available to the public. Use the Chrome or Firefox extension, PACER documents are uploaded onto RECAP, creating an open and free source of public court information. This service publishes docket information into internet archives every four months. PACER users can automatically donate their downloaded court record to the RECAP database, making them freely available for future RECAP users.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!