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Huntington New York Overview Arrest Records, and Related Information

Huntington is one among the ten towns in Suffolk County, in New York - United States. It is placed on the north shore of Long Island in the northwestern part of Suffolk County.

Huntington New York Overview

Huntington initially belonged to the Matinecock Indians. In 1653, it was bought over by a bunch of Englishmen. Today, the Town of Huntington boasts of beautiful beaches, waterways, quaint little villages and a thriving business community. It has multiple shopping areas, restaurants, galleries, museums and more. It is rich in history and has an abundance of scenic beauty. Suffice to say that Huntington offers a great quality of life to its locals.

Huntington has privy to five harbors bordering the north shore of the Town. It boasts of 9 beaches that are maintained by its citizens. Marinas, boat ramps, golf courses, and park sites offer ample recreation opportunities to the citizens. It also has four incorporated villages, multiple public schools that stress on high quality of education and an excellent transport network. It is within easy commuting distance to NYC. The Town has four stations and the Long Island Rail Road with its regular trains helps the locals travel to and fro from NYC daily.

Huntington Public Records

Huntington New York Weather

In Huntington, the summers are relatively hot and humid. The summer season lasts from the beginning of June to mid-September and temperatures can soar as high as 82°F. The winters are wet, cold and very windy and the temperatures can fall as low as 25°F. Winters last from December beginning to mid-March. It is partly cloudy throughout the year, but the skies are clearer from end June to mid-November. It may rain on and off in all seasons through the majority of the rains fall between mid-April to mid-December. The best time of year for a tourist to visit Huntington is from mid-June to late September.

Huntington New York Population

Huntington hosts close to 18,000 people. The population density is 2363 per sq mi. The median age of people in Huntington is close to 46.6 which is approximately 22% higher than the New York average median age of 38. A large majority of the population belongs to the White race. About 2% of the population belongs to the Black or African-American race. A fragment of the population settled in Huntington belongs to a few other mixed Asian races. Almost 90% of the population speaks English. About 4% of the population speaks Spanish, and the rest speak a mix of a few other languages. 

Huntington Court Records

Huntington New York Crime Rate

Huntington has a comparatively low crime rate. The total number of reported incidents in Huntington in 2018 has been around 784 of which violent crimes were 153 and property crimes were 631.  The overall crime rate in Huntington is roughly 72% lower than the national average.  The city is safer than 75% of the other cities in the US. For every 100,000 people, about 2.15 daily crimes occur in Huntington. In the recent few years, the number of crimes has reduced by 3% (no of the total year over year crimes).

Huntington New York Employment

The per capita income in Huntington is around $60,198 which is about 76% higher than the New York average. The median household income is around $117,074 which is around 93% higher than the New York average. The unemployment rate is around 2.7% which is roughly 43% lower than the national average. The minimum wage per hour is around $10.50 by the minimum wage law of NYC. The poverty level in Huntington is around 5.9% which is about 61% lower than the national average.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 17, 2022
Sensitive Information!