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How to Find out Someone’s Work History in Idaho

If you want to expand the reputation of your company, hiring the right employee is the first step towards it. Selecting the proper one becomes a challenging work these days as most of the companies hire people only based on their interview appearance. The accurate way to hire an employee is to go through a background screening of that applicant to ensure the working experience of that candidate.

Idaho nowadays has become an epicenter of numerous companies, firms, and establishments. Several people are coming here to find a suitable job. So, what the companies should follow is to check the work history of the applicant before hiring him or her. It will not only make the process easy-going but it will prevent the company from any future hiccup.

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Reasons to Find out the Working History

There are plenty of reasons behind doing a background screening before engaging an employee in your company. A good number of applicants make incorrect entries in their resume and they may hide some unfair activities that they performed in the previous companies. So, if you want to keep your company secured, you should check the work history of the candidates.

  • To run a company on a smooth track, the work experience of the people matters. When it comes to the question of hiring a new employee, a thorough evaluation of the candidate's work history is a sine qua non. It will facilitate the working atmosphere of your company.
  • The responsibility of an employee towards his or her job ethics is an essential part. If the proper background check is done of a candidate, it can be assumed how much responsibility and management quality the candidate has from his previous work experience.

So, a proper working history corroboration not only helps the company to hire the right person but it also averts any further mishap.

Laws and Ways regarding Applicant’s Work History Checks

The Idaho Government has tabled an act, known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, that enables the companies to go through the process of background checks of a candidate with due permission of that candidate.

According to a law in Idaho, an employer may ask for the work history of a candidate, but he has no authority to check his or her salary history. It is aimed to eradicate pay discrimination. There are some ways to follow if a company has to check someone’s work history legally-

  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) would be a great help to find out someone’s work history. The companies should approach the SSA as they are the source of providing Social Security Benefits to all the employees, thus having all the records of their work history in detail.
  • If the applicant worked in an organized sector, the companies can fetch the details of their working history from the revenue department of Idaho. The Internal Revenue System (IRS) of Idaho has all the information about the work history of employees as the employees have to submit an I-T return file every year.
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How to Find out Someone’s Working History

There are a great number of websites where it is very easy to find out someone’s work history with the help of legal documents. You can visit the GoLookUp website and do an online search about the work history of a candidate whom you are going to hire for the job. You will come by a real-time database on their website.

You can also reach out to the Idaho Department of Labor to ask for confidential information about someone’s work history. You have to ask the candidate to fill-up the form, provided by the Idaho Department of Labour and you will be furnished with the information about the work history of that applicant.


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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 10, 2022
Sensitive Information!