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Judicial Records Illinois: How to Get Free Judicial Records in the State of Illinois?

Most Court Records that are filed in Illinois Court are accessible to the general public and can be inspected and copied. There are some exceptions though, where your right to a certain document is denied under special circumstances. To obtain court records, you have to visit the courthouse and request the record by completing a record form that you will get from the clerk of the court.

As general information, you will have access to docket information, the specific pleadings and motion of both the parties to the lawsuit, decision and orders given by the court, evidence introduced by both sides in the court and the transcripts of the hearing. Usually, juvenile court records are not accessible. Documents and materials which were exchanged between two parties but never filed in the court are also not accessible.

Illinois Criminal Record

Uniform Conviction Information Act(UCIA) states that every criminal history, record, conviction, and information which are collected by the Illinois State Police, is made public. To check criminal records, you can check the entire Illinois criminal history from Statewide Criminal History Transcript, the document contains all arrests and convictions that happened in Illinois and the cost price is 15$.

Illinois Judicial Records

To access Illinois criminal records online, you need to create a digital id from Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology. Then after you have to visit the Criminal History Information response process (CHIRP) and submit the User Id and Password that you are assigned.

Illinois Judicial Record

The Official judicial records are archived and maintained in hard copy paper files, which are located in the courthouse, most of the documents are accessible online though they are summarized and kept.

Based on the procedure, in which the clerk summarizes and updates the information online, it can take some days before the updated information is available online. So, if you want access to very recent information on court filing or certain events then check the Clerk's Public Access terminals which are located in the courthouses. To obtain Judicial Court Records for free visit Illinois Courts.gov.

Online Case searches are limited and are available for:

  • Child support and Domestic Relationship: Child, Law, Domestic relations and all cases which are filed in the court of law.
  • Probate Will: All Wills that are filed in County Cook, Illinois.
  • Traffic violation ticket: Tickets related to overspeeding, DUI, skipping traffic light, expired license and so on.
  • Undelivered Child Support: to check if child support is probable for you.
  • Court Call-information related to court cases on a day to day basis.
  • County Divisions- changes of personal information, real estate information, tax matters, and other concerns.
  • Mortgage surplus closing: equity and surplus money from property closures.

In case, you want a hardcopy of complete court records for a particular case then visit Cook County Clerk and fill up a file request form with a valid photo identification card(State Identification Card, Driver's License, etc) to inspect or obtain copies of private record.

Judicial Records Illinois
Illinois Vital Records

Under Illinois state law only very specific citizens have the right to access birth, death and marriage certificates. So only Authorized Individuals are issued certificates by the Mclean County Clerk or it will be a direct violation of Illinois Law.

In Illinois, Vital records do not fall under the Freedom of Information Act and are not considered public information.

If you are authorized and you want access to vital records these are the following ways to do so:

  • In-Person: Visit Mclean County Clerk to check for the vital record and do carry an original id preferably driver's license or state identification card.
  • By-Mail: You can send a mail to coclerkepay@mcleancountyil.gov with a copy of your id card.
  • Online: You can also order the record online by visiting the Illinois department of public health
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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2022
Sensitive Information!