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      What is the Law on compounding a felony in     
     Indiana and What are the Punishments for it?

The USA has framed strict laws for illegal and unethical activities and crime.

In the USA, compounding is the act of accepting or offering some benefit or payment to keep the other person from reporting a crime or stopping them from giving information about the illegal act. For instance, if a person offers money to a federal witness to buy off their silence or as an attempt to alter their testimony then he or she can be charged with compounding in any of the states of the USA. Also, if a witness voluntarily accepts payment or some type of favor for misleading or disrupting any investigation then that witness can be charged with or convicted for compounding.

Compounding a Felony

Compounding a felony means the crime of accepting compensation by the wounded person in a felony in return for an agreement with the felon not to accuse or to not show evidence against them. The witness may turn hostile or prove the guilty not guilty by helping him escape the crime. Hence, he is compounding a felony by doing so.

Indiana Compounding a Felony
Example of Compounding a Felony

Below is the example of a state ruling in charge with compounding a felony in Indiana, USA:

-A person is guilty under the offense of committing a felony in Indiana, USA if he purposefully accepts or agrees to accept a financial advantage for the below conditions:

  • Abstaining from the quest of prosecution of the felony; or
  • Abstaining from or not giving accurate information to the law enforcement bodies regarding the commission or so-called commission of a felony or any such supporting information related to the felony.

What is the punishment of Compounding a Felony in Indiana, USA?

- A person found guilty of compounding a felony is fined as a punishment [ maximum USD 500] or be jailed in the county prison for a half-year term or both fine and imprisonment.

  • According to the law in Indiana, a person who agrees to and compounds stolen goods, if convicted be fined double the amount of stolen goods as a punishment.
  • Bonds, bills, other financial instruments, and notes are considered as personal goods, which can be perpetrated.

Compounding a Felony Indiana

Compounding a felony/ injury because of compounding a Felony

  • If a person is injured by a felony (having one’s business finished, being robbed off, or being shot at) reaches a point where he agrees with the criminal that the victim or the injured person will not take legal action (complain to the law, or be a witness) the obvious felon in return for compensation, return for monetary payment, return for stolen goods or other reimbursements. Since, it is a sort of a bribe, in most cases, it is considered to be a crime.
  • Hence, we now know that compounding a felony is a serious crime in the state of Indiana, USA.
  • Criminals accused of compounding a felony crime can face serious consequences.


Indiana has strict laws for not just compounding a felony but also helping in compounding a felony. In a nutshell, the person/criminal is charged with the crime of trying to hide information related to the crime. A bribe or an amount for hiding or misleading information regarding the crime is offered to the criminal. The criminal can also be involved in some factor related to helping the criminal or influencing the witness to change the flow of the case by his side.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 20, 2022
Sensitive Information!