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Invasion of Privacy Laws Rhode Island

The right to privacy is a fundamental right of all citizens in the United States of America. The right to privacy is an individual’s legal right to be allowed to live their life free from unnecessary publicity, it is basically a person’s right to be left alone. An invasion of privacy means an individual is stripped of their right to live their lives free from intrusion or unwarranted publicity.

In order to secure a person’s right to privacy, every state has an invasion of privacy laws in place that chalks out unacceptable behavior by reasonable standards. Let us take a look at the invasion of privacy laws, Rhode Island to get a better understanding of what counts as an invasion of privacy in the state.

Invasion of Privacy Law – Rhode Island

Invasion of privacy laws in Rhode Island is listed in section 9-1-281 of the Rhode Island General Laws Title 9. The section is called Right to privacy--Action for deprivation of rights. As per this section, every person in Rhode Island shall have the right to privacy which can include any of the rights listed below individually.

1. An individual has the right to be secure from any form of intrusion on their physical solitude as well as their seclusion. To claim that this right has been violated, an individual must establish that there was an invasion of something that would be expected to be private by a reasonable individual or an invasion of something that is entitled to be considered private.

An individual will also have to establish that the invasion of their privacy was objectionable or could be considered to be offensive by a reasonable person. It is important to note, that an invasion of privacy could have occurred regardless of whether or not the person who disclosed the private information stands to benefit from the disclosure. The purpose behind invading a person’s privacy does not matter, what matters is that the invasion did occur

2. As per invasion of privacy laws, Rhode Island, an individual has the right to be secure from the appropriation of his or her name as well as his or her likeness. To prove that an individual’s right to privacy has been compromised, it is vital to establish that the act of using the individual’s name or likeness was done without them giving their consent either verbally or in writing. It is also important to establish that someone other than the claimant stands to benefit from the use of their name or likeness. However, there is no necessity to prove that there was any publication of their name and/or likeness.

3. An individual has the right to be secure from unwarranted publicity being given to their private life or aspects of their private life. For an individual to show that there was an invasion of their privacy, they need to establish that a private fact of their life was published and the fact about their life that was made public could be considered offensive by an individual of ordinary sensibilities. It is not necessary that the individual who disclosed the facts should benefit from the disclosure. It can be considered an invasion of privacy only if the claimant has not given permission to disclose to publish the details of their private life.

4. As per the law, an individual has the right to be free from the publicity that places him or her in a false light. It must be established that the facts published are false and the facts published are considered offensive. The facts disclosed need not benefit the disclosure in any way.

If a person’s privacy has been invaded, they have the right to file a case against the disclosure. The court has the right to award attorney fees as well as court costs to the prevailing party in the court proceedings.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 16, 2022
Sensitive Information!