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How to Find out Someone's Work History in Iowa

The work history of a person is important since it helps in the justification of the past. Moreover, it helps to understand the skills and personal reflections of an employee. And it is quite obvious that while hiring a person, you will want to check his/her backgrounds.

The foremost reason behind this is making sure if that person is accurate for the job post or not. For instance, if you find that the person is a job hopper, then that will omit the chances of he/she being reliable. However difficult the process might seem to be, it is quite easy actually. And there are a number of ways by which this can be done.

Do the employer's check the details themselves?

It is not obvious that the employers themselves will be checking the background details of the person they are going to employ. These types of tasks are also handed over to some third-party organizations, who are experts in these areas. The type of job also decides the nature of the history checking of an employee. However, most of the jobs check the credit history and criminal record of the personnel.

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The Department of Human Services

Detailed information about the employees is maintained by the Department of Human Services. This information includes personal data like salary amount and contact information like phone number and address. The department understands that these type of data are fully confidential, and not at all public. Moreover, the name of the persons registering complaints about any co-worker is also kept undisclosed. The DHS provides public data free of cost on its website dhs.iowa.gov

In spite of the information being public in nature, the DHS verifies the following:

  • Identity of the person who is asking for the data.
  • The purpose for which the information is needed.
  • If the person or organization requesting is obliged to the state or federal laws.

After verification of the above-mentioned data, DHS will provide the requested information. However, if the original cost of producing a document proves to be costly, then the DHS will charge an amount that will be the same as that of the original cost.

How to Contact the Public Information Officer?

To contact the PIO, you can call at +(515-)-281-4848, or send a mail to the following ID- mhighla@dhs.state.ia.us.

Other websites

Apart from these, there are a number of websites that help in checking the background of a person. These websites will acquire and verify the basic details about the enquirer, and then only provide the public records. These sites also contain information available from the person's involvement in social media.

Public Records Iowa
Obligations to be Followed as an Employer

If by any chance you find that the employee is not suitable for recruitment, then you simply cannot prohibit him/her. You have to follow these steps to abide by the law:

  • A pre-adverse action letter, a copy of the background report and the FCRA form must be provided to the applicant.
  • The applicant has to be provided a time span of three to five business days to allow them to settle or respond to the negative records.
  • Based on the response of the candidate, you can take further actions and ultimately provide them with an adverse action letter. This letter denoted that the applicant is no longer considered for employment and that the action has resulted from a negative impact due to background check results.

The history checking of an employee helps to understand the person's nature as well. If the person fails to prove honesty in the first instance, then he/ she can never be considered for employment.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 29, 2022
Sensitive Information!