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Ithaca New York Overview and Crime Statistics

Ithaca, a city in the Tompkins County, is located in the Finger Lakes region of the state of New York. The city is the largest community in the Ithaca–Tompkins County metropolitan area that consists of the village of Cayuga Heights, the municipalities of the Town of Ithaca, and a few other villages and towns in the Tompkins County. It is on the southern shore of the Cayuga Lake, that is almost at the Central New York, the city is located. The city got its name from Ithaca, a Greek island. 

The highly famous Cornell University that is an Ivy League school in which more than 20,000 students study is in the city of Ithaca. Most of these students study at the local campus of this university. Ithaca College is also located in the Town of Ithaca, that is to the south of the city. This adds to the "college town" atmosphere, that prevails in this area. Tompkins Cortland Community College is also located close by. 

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The university and these colleges bring hordes of students from various parts of the world to this region which means the seasonal population that generally prevails increases manifold during the school years. There are students who decide to settle in the same area even after graduating. Political observers opine that the voters of the Ithaca city are much more liberal than those in the remaining areas of the Tompkins County or even in the upstate New York, which means they, in general, vote only for the candidates who belong to the Democratic Party. Another noteworthy point about the city of Ithaca is that Namgyal Monastery that is in the city is the North American seat of the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.

Ithaca New York Crime Rate Statistics

The crime index of Ithaca city is eight which means that it is safer to live than 8% of the other cities in the U.S. The number of annual violent crimes that are committed in the city is 103, that is 3.35 per thousand residents. Similarly, the number of annual property crimes committed in Ithaca city is 1,272, which means it is at 41.36 per thousand residents.


The violent crimes that are committed in the city consist of 2 murders, 32 rapes, 20 robberies, and 49 assaults. In the case of property crimes, they consist of 137 burglaries, 1,110 thefts, and 25 motor vehicle thefts. 

Ithaca New York Arrest Records

According to the police records that have been updated on 28.11.2018 and that have been made public, the number of violent crimes stands at 65, and it comprises four rapes, 30 robberies, and 31 aggravated assaults. There are no murders and non-negligent man-slaughters in these violent crimes.

The number of property crimes as per these records is 1,238. These property crimes consist of 177 burglaries, 1,033 larceny-thefts, and 28 motor vehicle thefts.

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Ithaca New York population

As per the census conducted during 2010, the population of Ithaca city was 30,014. But according to the latest estimates that have been conducted during 2017, the population stands at 31,006.

Ithaca New York Minimum Wages.

It is at the end of every year, and more precisely, on the 31st of December, the minimum wages for the state of New York are fixed. The wages fixed on 31st December 2017 are prevalent now. Based on the inflationary trends, the wage rates will again be revised on 31st December 2018.

The minimum wage rates that are prevalent now in New York State are as follows:

The minimum wage rate for businesses that have 10 or less numb of employees is $12.00 an hour. That of businesses that have 11 number of employees or more number of employees than 11 is $13 an hour.

However, for counties such as Nassau, Westchester, and Suffolk, the minimum wage rate is different, and it is fixed at $11.00 an hour. The wage is $10.40 an hour for the remaining counties of New York state.

The above wage rules are not applicable to businesses that adopt the tipped wage system. Tipped wages differ from one business to another, and they are determined by the size of the firms, the fields or industries in which they operate, and most importantly, how much tip amounts the employees of the firms earn. At present, the tipped wages of firms operating in this realm are anywhere between $7.50 an hour and $11.05 an hour. But as far as the minimum wages of Fast Food Workers are concerned, it is fixed at $11.75 an hour.

Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on May 25, 2019
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