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Kankakee Illinois Overview and Crime Rate Statistics

With an approximate population of 26,216 residents, Kankakee is situated in the American state of Illinois. A medium-sized city, it has 9 constituent neighborhoods and is the state’s 77th largest community.

Kankakee Illinois City overview

The local economy of Kankakee is not predominated by purely white-collar or blue-collar professions. Rather, its workforce is a mix of white-collar, as well as, blue-collar occupations. In all, the city has a workforce engaged as professionals, service providers, and sales & office professionals. You will find many such inhabitants in this city who are associated with sectors like healthcare (7.22 percent), food service (8.75 percent), and office & admin support (11.74 percent).

A lot of residents of Kankakee ride the bus for commuting to their workplaces. Contrary to its size, the town has a large number of residents who avail the public transit.

The city has only 12.25 percent of its residents who hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. The percentage is quite low in comparison to the mean for towns and cities in America, which stands at 21.84 percent.

Kankakee Public Records
In 2010, the city’s per capita income was 16,953 USD. The figure is considered to be low income in comparison to the country and the state. It is equivalent to yearly earnings of 67,812 USD for each family with 4 family members. Kankakee comprises very rich, as well as, poor families. 

An ethnically-diverse town, people in Kankakee mostly uses English for communicating with one another. Chinese and Spanish are the two other major languages used extensively for communication.

Kankakee Illinois Crime statistics

Kankakee has a crime index of just 6, meaning that it is safer than only 6 percent of the cities in the United States of America.

Its rate of crime is 48 per 1,000 inhabitants and has one of America’s most severe crime rates in comparison to all communities irrespective of their sizes. An individual’s risk of suffering from a property or violent crime in Kankakee is 1 in 21. As far as the state of Illinois is concerned, Kankakee’s crime rate is higher than 97 percent of the other communities.

It was also found that the rate of violent crime for Kankakee features among the highest in America when compared to all communities of various sizes – both small and large. The kinds of violent offenses which were tracked in this crime analysis are aggravated assault, armed theft, non-negligent manslaughter, murder, and rape.

Kankakee Court Records
When NeighborhoodScout analyzed crime data reported by FBI, it found that a resident’s chance of suffering to one of the above-mentioned crime types in this city is 1 in 125.

It is significant to note that on the basis of the number of homicides shared by the FBI, as well as, the number of people residing in Kankakee, NeighborhoodScout’s analysis points out the city has one of the country’s highest homicide rates in comparison to towns and cities for different population sizes – from the smallest to the largest.

Also, it was found by NeighborhoodScout that many incidents related to property crimes are occurring in Kankakee. The kinds of property crimes, which were analyzed, include arson, burglary, vehicle theft, and larceny over 50 USD. The chance of a resident succumbing to any property crime is 1 in 25. When converted, the figure is equivalent to a crime rate of forty per 1,000 residents.

According to another crime analysis, the overall rate of crime in the city is 96 percent more in comparison to the mean of the crimes that take place in the state of Illinois. The crime rate in Kankakee is also 75 percent more severe in comparison to the country average.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!