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Government Records Kentucky: Where to Obtain Government Records for the State of Kentucky?

Owing to the Kentucky Open Records Act (KORA) of 1967 the public records are open and free for inspection by the general public. Even the non-residents of Kentucky can avail of the benefits dished out by the act. It takes only about three days for the concerned agencies to respond to a request and near about thirty-four days to process the request and make the required documentation available for examination.

All the institutions that receive twenty-five percent or more of their total funding from the government come under the ambit of this act. The records of the executive and legislative bureaux are open to the public for examination.

There are certain exceptions that one needs to be aware of before filing a request.

Kentucky Government Records
Following is a list of the exempted domains:

  • Civilians
  • Police methods
  • Trade secrets
  • Preliminary drafts
  • Reports
  • Laws
  • Public agency real estate purchases
  • Homeland security
  • Patient medical records
  • Academic exams
  • Active investigations
  • Scientific research
  • Anonymous donations

The departments that fall under the purview of the act have to maintain the records.

Following is a list of departments and how you can access the records.
  • Kentucky Criminal Records (Background Checks and Arrest Records) – You can access the Criminal Records Report through the online portal of The Kentucky Court of Justice.
  • Kentucky Court Records- Soft copies are available on the CourtNet website of the state. People seeking hard copies will have to from the appropriate courthouses.
  • Kentucky Vital Records- Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Vital Statistic Office are in charge of these records. The online source for interested examiners is VitalCheck.Com. The information is also available at the Office of Vital Statistics. One may also check with them in person to access the information.
  • Birth and Death certificates from 1911 A.D. are available while marriage and divorce certificates from June 1958 are available at the respective departments.

Government Records Kentucky

Anyone can seek a public record and one is not liable to answer as to why one is seeking a particular document.

There are no charges for looking up a document on the internet.

There are no penalties levied on an organization for not complying with the regulations of the act, but one may file a suit because of the violation of the act. If an individual wins the suit, the charges of the attorney would be covered and the individual may also expect to receive a sum of money as compensation for the violation of the act.

One is not required to disclose one’s identity to access a public record. The procedure of accessing the information is very direct and there is absolutely no third party intervention in it.

No record can be used for any commercial purposes unless written permission has been obtained for the same. One has to state the purpose (commercial or non-commercial) while requesting for a record.

Commercial purpose does not include the following:

  1. For broadcasting or telecasting the information on radio or television.
  2. For printing the information in the newspaper.
  3. For using the information as evidence in a court of law.

In case a person applies for a particular record at the wrong department, it is the responsibility of that very department to notify the individual and guide him appropriately.

The act does not restrict the people from making copies of the documents. One is free to make any number of copies he wants.

One is liable to pay a fee to the public agency for making copies of documents that are exempt from the act.

The Attorney General receives the complaints of non-compliant agencies.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 18, 2022
Sensitive Information!