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How to Find Bankruptcy Records in Maine?

When a business or person is unable to pay back the outstanding debts he/she has, the legal proceeding that commences is known as bankruptcy. The debtor needs to initiate the proceedings by filing a petition that begins the bankruptcy process. The debtor might also file the petition on the creditor’s behalf; however, this process is uncommon as compared to the former.

The process involves the assets of the debtor to be properly evaluated and measured, which may be used to repay a part of the debt that is outstanding.

In the United States of America, bankruptcy is a matter that is handled by the federal courts. The regulations and rules of a bankruptcy proceeding in the US have been clearly outlined as per the US Bankruptcy Code. This Code maintains various chapters that refer to the different types of bankruptcy cases that a person can file for.

Although filing for bankruptcy gives the debtor to have a fresh start at life, the fact that he/she had filed for bankruptcy previously, remains on their record and depending on the type of bankruptcy he/she had filed, the number of years it is present on his/her record varies.

State Records Maine
Finding Maine Bankruptcy Records

Maine is the northernmost state on the east coast of America, which is close to the region of New England and has Canada to its north and the Atlantic Ocean to its east. Maine falls under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, and therefore the public records laws prevalent in most states of the USA are also prevalent in Maine.

Since bankruptcy records are also public records and are matters that are handled by the federal courts' system, Maine Public Bankruptcy Records can be accessed as per the laws stated under the Freedom of Access Act of 1959, which dictates the rules by which the general public might have access to such records. The Freedom of Access Act states that all public records can be viewed or requested for viewing by the general public, unless and until they have been deemed confidential by the government.

Bankruptcy Records in Maine are maintained by the U.S. Bankruptcy courts in Maine, and you need to get in touch with them through their website or in-person to access the bankruptcy records of the person that you want. Two types of bankruptcy records are available with the U.S. Bankruptcy courts in Maine, which are dependent on the type of bankruptcy that the debtor had filed.

The first type of bankruptcy is Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which refers to the traditional form of bankruptcy and indicates the discharge of debts system. Under this system, you either pay for the debt you owe or discharge the properties you own in return of secured debts. The other type of bankruptcy that a person can file is Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Public Records Maine
If you are looking for Maine Bankruptcy Public Records that involve chapter 13 bankruptcy, these refer to the payment plan system, whereby you either restructure the payments depending on your income such that the payment process becomes manageable, or getting rid of a portion of your debt to manage payments.

As has already been mentioned, for Bankruptcy Records Maine, you need to approach the U.S Bankruptcy Courts for the District of Maine. You can either take the help of PACER, their online platform to gain access to such public records or visit their court locations in person. The address for Portland’s U.S Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maine is 537 Congress Street, Portland, 2nd Floor, ME 04101, while that for Bangor is MC Smith Federal Building, 202 Harlow Street, Bangor, 3rd Floor, ME 04401.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on June 25, 2022
Sensitive Information!