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Alabama Marriage License Requirements: Everything You Need to Know!

So you’ve met the person you want to spend your happily ever after with and don’t want to waste any time in getting hitched? Here’s an article to inform you about how you should go about getting married if you happen to be in the State of Alabama.

You’ll have to apply for a marriage license. Now the regulations for obtaining one often varies from county to county, so you’d be better off contacting the county probate judge regarding specific information about the hours of operation and costs involved. The good news is most of the legal procedure you’ll have to undergo to apply for a marriage license is uniform across Alabama.

The steps to Follow when Getting an Alabama Marriage License

  • First, you’ll have to review the law to verify if you meet the eligibility. Alabama state marriage laws allow remarriage and marriage of the teens between the age of 16 and 18. While it doesn't permit marriage between immediate family members, it is legal to marry your first cousin here. You'll need an Alabama marriage license to get married in the state, resident or tourist.

Marriage License Alabama

If you happen to be coming out of a divorce, you are required to wait out 60 days before you can purchase a new marriage license unless you are remarrying your former spouse.

If you happen to be younger than 18, you must mandatorily possess parental permission before you get married. Permission can be granted in person or a legal affidavit.

  • Go about acquiring the license next. Get in touch with a county clerk or probate office and inquire about the operational hours and cost of the license. You don't need to have to pick up the license from the county necessarily you're slated to get married in. Some offices stop issuing license 30 minutes before closing time, so there's a window of time to complete any pending paperwork.

Bring along a photo identification proof for convenience. Although any government approved ID proof will do, a photo ID allows you to forego having to submit an affidavit confirming your identity and age.

Apart from the basic details, you may have to fill in your Social Security number and dates when previous marriages ended, if any. So keep this handy information while filling up the application.

Alabama Marriage License

Finally, visit a county probate office with your intended, submit the filled in marriage license application form with photo ID and fee – you will receive your marriage application. You will need to have a witness present to testify the both of you signing on the dotted line.

Things to Remember

A marriage license in Alabama is only valid 30 days from when it has been issued. You will be required to have the license signed by an officiant within that period and submitted to the probate office so you can get an official marriage certificate. A judge or a licensed minister is well in their capacity to act as a marriage officiant.

In Conclusion

The legal formalities are out of the way, are they? Well, what are you waiting for then? It’s time to enter into holy matrimony. Don’t give your fiancé the chance to back out now, hurry! Marriage is a legal formality lending a social sanction to your relationship.

The legal sanction, however, makes other processes such as adoption and inheritance much easier. Your marriage certificate will stop you from constantly having to field questions from every angle which you probably would have had to do, had you been unmarried and still wanting to adopt/pass on the property to your children.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on October 17, 2021
Sensitive Information!