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Arizona Marriage License - Here is How to Get It!

Marrying in Arizona is quite convenient. You can marry within the state even if you’re a non-resident, marry a person of your sex and even marry a first cousin as long as you cannot reproduce. All you need to do is fill out a few forms, furnish valid ID proof and pay the required fee amount. You can either choose to apply for a covenant marriage license or a traditional marriage license. For a covenant marriage license, you will need to get counseling first and submit a notarized statement confirming the same.

Steps involved in getting an Arizona marriage license–

You must follow the below-mentioned steps to acquire a marriage license in the State of Arizona.

  • Make sure you meet the eligibility – As already discussed above, you can use the scenic backdrop of Arizona as your marriage location even if you don’t belong from around there. You can marry while you’re underage, marry into the same sex and even marry your first cousin as long as you’re above the age of 65. If you’re under the age of 18, you’ll have to submit a notarized consent form signed by your legal guardians. A 16-year old will also require a court order from the court permitting him/her to marry.
Marriage License Arizona
  • Decide what to do about the surname – Do you want to change it to your spousal surname or keep the surname you have? Perhaps, you want to use both separated by a hyphen? Whatever you choose, you can legally change your surname on your marriage application.
  • Find out where you can obtain a marriage license – In the State of Arizona, you may obtain a marriage license from your local city hall, any of the justice courts, the Clerk of Court in downtown Phoenix or from one of the regional court centers in Maricopa County. Carry valid photo ID proof and a copy of your birth certificate to verify age.
  • Fill out the application and pay the licensing fee – If you happen to be in a marriage license office, you and your spouse can fill out the form and submit it there itself. If not, you can download it online and mail it. Hand in the marriage license fee. You do not need to wait to receive the marriage license. You can expect it immediately after you’ve submitted the necessary documentation. The license is valid for a year by which time you should have completed your wedding ceremony – civil or religious.
Arizona Marriage License

Obtaining a Covenant Marriage License

Arizona is one of the only three states in the US to offer this kind of a marriage license. Both parties have to undergo pre-marital counseling to understand the nature of a covenant marriage wholly. A notarized statement signed by the two and the marriage counselor will be required to apply for a covenant marriage license. The rest of the steps to be followed are the same as is used to apply for a traditional marriage license.

After Getting the License

So you have your marriage license ready and your partner by your side, what are you waiting for still? Go on, get married! Not everyone gets this lucky. There is more to a marriage than legal recognition. However, having the stamp of legal recognition makes everything all the easier. You can adopt, pass on your inheritance and in general, access other related benefits of having your marriage socially sanctioned more conveniently than you would have had you not. Now, that you've cleared the legal formalities, it is time to plan your newly married life.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on November 30, 2021
Sensitive Information!